funny texts embarrassing oh god why workplace tifu funny - 16237317

Son Describes the Worst Day of His Life to His Dad When His Pants "Explode" While Commando at Work

Poor, poor Kelly.
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funny and embarrassing times people missed obvious signals

Embarrassing Times People Missed Obvious Hints

Swing and a miss!
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embarrassed embarrassing cringe brain freeze brain cringeworthy - 16142341

Woman Accidentally Wears Builder's Hoodie Thinking It's Her Boyfriends and Other Embarrassing Situations That Made People Die Inside

Imagine being the woman who wore the builders hoodie!
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FAIL embarrassing mistake - 15836677

Horrifically Embarrassing Mistakes That Left People Stunned

Be glad you aren't these people.
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embarrassing awkward stories people witnessed

Painfully Embarrassing Moments People Witnessed

That's rough.
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People describe the most embarrassing mistakes that they made in their first job interviews.

Embarrassing Mistakes People Made In Their First Job Interviews

It can happen to the very best and most professional of us.
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stories of people's stupidest injuries

The Stupidest Injuries People Have Sustained

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guy accidentally goes to wrong house for party, it's a young girl's house

Dude Shows Up At Wrong House for Party, Looks Like Weirdo

Does "oops" cover it?
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People describe the most embarrassing ways that they screwed up their dates.

Most Embarrassing Ways People Messed Up Dates

Dates can go catastrophic at a moment's notice.
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guy watching pop music gets recorded clapping along and enjoying himself, gets embarrassed and stops

Man Gets Caught Enjoying Performance, Becomes Ashamed

Is it a sin to clap along?
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skier falls from lift, coat gets caught video

Skier's Coat Gets Caught Falling From Lift

It would be just a little embarrassing.
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People's wildest holiday parties | party held basement restaurant on slick/snowy night made my entrance by slipping and falling down entire flight stairs, dead sober. My coworkers all said like something out slapstick silent film.

People's Most Embarrassing Office Christmas Parties

Office holiday parties are pure madness.
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AskReddit replies to people experiencing "everyone clapped" moments | b_wald81 15h driving some friends home christmas party hit some black ice, sending car careening sideways down 180° offramp saved and got damned thing stopped, pointing right direction and our lane, by time got bottom ramp. There no clapping, but there cheering.

"And Everyone Clapped" Stories

Sometimes people defy the odds, and everyone claps.
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Stupid ways people got an injury | alyssaoftheeast 1.2k points 3 days ago got paper cut on my foot by walking past an open book

Stupid Ways People Injured Themselves

Sometimes getting an injury isn't even cool.
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Guy farts into intercom at costco

Guy Farts into Costco Intercom

You read it right the first time.
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Student turns in essay with joke name for professor | zo Zoeyoxley Follow series unfortunate events: Wers Se Clth es mw 21 Tu ig -FAR100eLECJALL 20 turnitin Aint inbe sigments ass, vw adationel assgnment Welcome new class homepagal cless homepage werraton, subrt work, and acess foectack papes Hover on any hem cias homepage tor mon intomtion Class Homepage Thisa cless homepage o subnt an assignment click on he na buton t ansignet rame Fhe Snt buton ia grayed out no sbniions can be

The Time a Student Got Their Professor's Name Incredibly Wrong

Somehow it worked out.
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