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Elephants Have Loud And Happy Freakout Reuniting With Caretaker

It's very loud.
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cool funny video elephants stepping on squishing pumpkins

Elephants Squishing And Eating Giant Pumpkin

Seriously, so satisfying.
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This Little Elephant Sculpture is On Point (of a Pencil)

This Little Elephant Sculpture is On Point (of a Pencil)
Via Cindy Chinn

Everybody Pees

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sexy, elephants, showering, expectations vs reality
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Scary Moment of the Day: Man Magically Stops a Charging Elephant With the Wave of His Hand

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Your Legs Are So Much Longer Than Mine!

kids motherhood parenting elephants g rated - 8026216704
Created by Unknown

A Mutant Giraffe Named Stephanie

elephants giraffes wtf tattoos - 4340593408
Created by Valerie

No Fear of Heights

wtf tattoos elephants - 4353616128
Created by gaming_nightmare

Cool! Now Make Him Eat a Banana

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Created by beernbiccies

Elephants Love Wine

wine holder elephants funny - 7643053824
Created by Unknown

Some Games are Universal

got your nose elephants funny - 7494073088
Created by Unknown

Who Bought This?

beer booze elephants coffee after 12 g rated - 7353109248
Created by G-Unit1111 ( Via MSN )

High Five!

fatherson elephants doing it - 7138186240
Created by Unknown

That's an Insane Amount of Elephants!

mjolnir elephants Neil deGrasse Tyson - 7043463168
Created by Unknown

Elephant Hand WIN

animals drawing elephants hands - 6388814336
Created by sixonefive72
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