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The Second Debate's Biggest Winner Was Kenneth Bone

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Batman May Be the Hero The 2016 Election Needs

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jokes about Mary J. Blige's interview with Hilary Clinton

People Can't Stop Making Fun of This Cringey Interview Promo Between Mary J. Blige and Hillary Clinton

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Democrat Bad Lip Reading election Video politics - 82136065

This Bad Lip Reading of the Democratic Convention Proves That Political Conventions Are Just as Ridiculous as They Sound

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How To Tidy Up This Election

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Election 2016 Is Tearing This Family Apart

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Anybody Else Voting For CDs Nuts?

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The People of Alaska Have Made Their Voices Heard; They Want to Elect the Hottest Candidate in 2016

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Dad Is A Pop-head

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The Party Party Will Lead Us to a Bright, Prosperous Future

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Dad and Daughter are Candidates in Their Own Election!

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School Elections Are All About Advertising

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Just Don't Get Your Tongue Stuck on Them

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Billy Phelps is Working for the Businesses, Not the English Department

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Obama 2016!

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2014 Presidential Elections

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