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Dipsh*t Driver Rats Himself Out For Hit and Run

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Watch This Hot Busty Chick Do Cartwheels During DUI Stop, Still Manage to Get Arrested, and Proceed to Kick the Cop in the Dick

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Officer I Got a Heisman and a Degree in Bachelors From OSU, is That Not Enough to Pass a Field Test?

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What Could Go Wrong?

beer drunk driving dui FAIL facebook classic - 7176100352
By biophys00
drinking drunk nope dui Video police - 72754945

This Woman Does What Every Drunk Person Considers When the Breathalyzer Results Are In

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You Can't Make Up This Level of Irony

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So It Smells Like Vomit and Jail?

candle smells like a dwi
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Bikini Wearing Granny Arrested for DUI

grandma gets in car accident while drunk
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wtf drunk dui idiots funny after 12 g rated - 68862721

Drinking More to Avoid a DUI...Insanity or Genius

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Totally Not Drunk

guy fails the sobriety test
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Some People Don't Deserve Facebook Privileges. Or Driving Privileges. Or Talking Privileges.

bad idea drunk Overshare dui failbook - 8408755200
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DUI, What Kinda Liquor Does That Cocktail Have?

gifs drunk dui fail nation - 8309238784
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Know Your Target Market

beer sign dui funny - 8278054144
By harmonie187

One Stupid Facebook Post Outed This Woman's Probation

news probation facepalm facebook dui - 8129861632
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twitter facepalm kids these days arrest dui justin bieber - 164101

Kids These Days Have Zero Idea What Justin Bieber's "DUI" Actually Means

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If You Think Your Friends Will Think You're a Badass for Driving Drunk...

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