humor drinking milk ridiculous funny Video - 107186433

Guy Carbonates Milk, Proceeds To Question Existence

A natural enough reaction there, bud.
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Entitled customers want bigger glasses for their wine and the bartender maliciously complies | r/MaliciousCompliance wworrall They wanted bigger glass, so he gave them bigger glass. My parents and were on vacation few years back, and hanging out at Hotel bar. This place one those places cheap, but everyone who stayed there thought they were better than everyone else couple (Male Female) walked talking about Nice and quaint bar looked. They sat down at table next us were supposed order

Customers Want Bigger Wine Glasses, Bartender Maliciously Complies

Their entitlement was off the charts.
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customer service bar drinking manager FAIL cringe ridiculous - 106461441

Manager Of Failing Bar Called Out For Acting Like A Hotshot

An unforgiving reality check was served that day.
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Customer tries to scam a bar for free drinks, and then a non-alcoholic petty revenge ensues. | r/pettyrevenge Join u/dearghewls 6d 8 e 8 3 3 1 8 2 Lady wanted get drinks free, so made them worth price bartender and area work is upper class and petty as hell. As tell people all time don't go out here just work here One random night not too long ago l'm making drinks at well servers take their customers at their tables while other bartenders handle our bar top guests.

Customer Tries To Scam Bar For Free Drinks, Non-Alcoholic Revenge Ensues

Nice try.
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An entitled Karen assumes that customer works at store, and then learns otherwise. | r/IDontWorkHereLady Join u/throwralco 3d 1 Just take warm winecoolers and go, Karen. XL excited type this story, so my apologies if 's all over place dealt with Karens before, but not like this never thought l'd encounter one wild. Last night took trip my local liquor store get some bourbon my apartment admit l'm there often employees are cool, lowkey, and most importantly they don't judge frequent visits pick

Karen Assumes Customer Works At Liquor Store, Reality Check Ensues

Karen definitely thought wrong.
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young child attempts to buy beer

9-Year-Old Tries To Buy A Pint

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People on Twitter are going in on Hawaiian Punch drink | tweet by happienatalie love twitter is randomly coming Hawaiian Punch. Isolation really got us thinking

Quarantine Moment: Twitter Goes In On Hawaiian Punch

Hawaiian Punch is getting lit up.
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teacher funny greet as he enters the classroom

Professor Greets Class Everyday With "Whazaaaa" From Budweiser Commercials

That's one way to start class.
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A collection of AskReddit replies to things people think are healthy, but actually aren't healthy | Low Fat 100% Fat Free

Unhealthy Things That People Think Are Healthy

People need to do their own research.
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drinking irish Ireland ridiculous funny Video pubs culture - 101044225

Irish 6-Year-Old Insists On Going To The Pub

She manages to make one very compelling argument.
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Sad drinking marriage emotional wife whisky husband divorce breakup Video - 100003841

Man Reviews Whiskey While Wife Packs Up And Leaves Him

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Guy loses a gangster's flirty daughter at a frat party.

Guy Loses Gangster's Flirty Daughter A Frat Party

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impressive drinking drunk awesome ridiculous win oktoberfest - 99635457

Girl Absolutely Crushes The Spinning Devil's Wheel At Oktoberfest

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Girl regrets drunk texting her crush.

Girl Deeply Regrets Drunk Texting Her Crush

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Guy loses his parents in a drunk driving accident, moves in with his uncle, and gets introduced to the love of his life.

Guy Loses Parents In Drunk Driving Accident, Uncle Takes Him In, Introduces Him To The Love Of His Life

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party where guests do a presentation, powerpoint party, woman does presentation about sonic universe character alignments

Party Where Each Guest Provides 3-Minute Powerpoint Presentation Is Actually Genius

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