Man asks if he was in the wrong for putting sauce on an expensive steak prepared by his girlfriend.

Man Puts Sauce On Expensive Steak Prepared By Girlfriend, Asks If He's In The Wrong

Things can get dicey when it comes to steak.
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Woman frightens her snooping neighbor by opening her door and causing her to fall.

Woman Frightens Snooping Neighbor By Opening Door And Causing Her To Fall

Sounds like it was a bit of a nosy neighbor situation.
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Husband sells his wife's antique tea set to buy a new gaming chair, so his wife sells his Xbox.

Husband Sells Wife's Antique Tea Set To Buy Gaming Chair, Wife Sells Husband's Xbox

What a mess.
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Woman ends up withdrawing financial support from her fiancé's entitled mom.

Woman Withdraws Financial Support From Fiancé's Insanely Entitled Mom

An obnoxious abundance of entitlement here.
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Man accuses girlfriend of cheating, and learns that the culprit was laundry pods.

Man Accuses Girlfriend Of Cheating, Learns Culprit Was Laundry Pods

That's a big whoops there, bud.
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Dad's child-free brother calls himself a "dog dad", so dad calls his brother out.

Dad's Childless Brother Calls Himself "Dog Dad", Dad Gets Upset

Wow, supremely uncool.
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Woman's estranged brother decides to get married on her wedding day, and she refuses to change her wedding date.

Woman's Estranged Brother Decides To Get Married On Her Wedding Day, She Refuses To Move Wedding

The audacity though.
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Husband pitches a whole fit over his wife's use of fake candles.

Husband Can't Accept Wife's Use Of Candles, Drama Ensues

Come on man, pull it together.
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Groom gets married twice in one year, and then acts surprised that people aren't thrilled about a second cash wedding.

Groom Gets Married Twice In One Year, Surprised People Aren't Stoked About Second Cash Wedding

Just a bit clueless there, eh.
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Man receives a lifetime contract offer from a company, rejects his brother-in-law's offer, he gets upset.

Man Receives Lifetime Contract From Company, Rejects Brother-In-Law's Offer, Drama Ensues

Seems a bit uncalled for.
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Bride asks if she was in the wrong for letting husband's family skip vegan wedding

Carnivore Family Member Refuses To Attend Vegan Wedding, Bride Consults Reddit

Come on now.
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Guy fails to do laundry incorrectly out of laziness, and then his girlfriend gets upset.

Lazy Dude Fails To Do Laundry Correctly, Girlfriend Gets Upset, He Remains Clueless

Dude, buckle those bootstraps.
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Son can't afford rent, moves back in with parents, dad sets rules, and son flips out.

Son Can't Afford Rent, Moves Back In With Parents, Dad Sets Rules, Son Flips Out

Just a little bit of entitlement going on there.
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Bride and groom don't pay balance due, proceed to show up to wedding venue.

Bride And Groom Don't Pay Balance Due, Show Up To Venue For Rehearsal

Bold move there.
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Tenant refuses to pay rent while living in trailer, so landlord "moves" into trailer.

Tenant Won't Pay Rent, Landlord Snaps, "Moves In"

That went from 0 to 100.
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A coworker gets his lunch stolen, so they let him watch the security footage.

Coworker Gets Lunch Stolen, Gets To Watch Security Footage, Drama Ensues

Unnervingly heartless.
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