funny colonoscopy story twitter

Author Tweets His Humorous Trip To His Colonoscopy With Dr. Flemjeans

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tech support revenge doctor petty revenge Tech - 16503813

Dirty Doctor Discharged For Doing Depraved Deeds, Caught By Clever IT Trap

He got baited by the master.
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Management demands a doctor's note from a sick employee, so a malicious compliance ensues.

Management Demands Doctor's Note From Sick Employee, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Always nice to see toxic management put in check.
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A manager forces their employee to get a sick note even though it's illegal to do so, so the doctor maliciously complies.

Manager Forces Employee To Get Sick Note Even Though It's Illegal, Doctor Maliciously Complies

Well played by the doctor.
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A doctor friend judges a guy for being an engineer, and then gets rightfully called out.

Doctor Judges Guy For Being An Engineer, Gets Called Out

Seems like a fair call out.
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Man tries to be a tough guy, ignores terrible stomachache, total crisis ensues.

Man Acts Like Tough Guy, Ignores Horrendous Stomachache, Crisis Ensues

Absolutely not the typical stomachache.
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cringeworthy family feud fail

Kid's Family Feud Performance Is Short-Lived

Both answers were ridiculous.
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funny things people said waking up from anesthesia | iletthe12dogsout 6.5k points 10 hours ago 2 3 got my wisdom teeth out nurse trying wake up and said okay s time open eyes. Can open eyes said Say pleee-eease She said please very nicely, and opened my mouth as wide as could

Wild Things People Said While Waking from Anesthesia

They got loopy.
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A woman shares various overheards from her medical student husband | insert Dolly emoji here BuhRooklynne KID TOY light turns read, talk into speaker turn into song! Okay, Go! HUSBAND: GYNOCOMASTIA

Wife's Overheards Of Medical Student Husband

Always something new with a medical student.
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A quick Tumblr post highlights how forgetful human beings can be | andhumanslovedstories started using Head and Shoulders ten years ago itchy scalp and dandruff, and then ten years have not had itchy scalp and dandruff, so thought "why do still buy shampoo combat itchy scalp and dandruff do not have itchy scalp and dandruff so stopped buying shampoo itchy scalp and dandruff and can guess have now? Can predict currently afflicts s alright if can't because apparently fuckin couldn't either

Quick Tumblr Post On Humans' Willful Ignorance

We all can get so horribly forgetful.
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Doctor takes revenge on his trainer by opening up offices around him | r/ProRevenge Join u/bleedybutts 2y Uncle bankrupts his previous employer Not sure if this is petty or pro or whatever be judge My uncle is an Indian doctor 90s there massive doctors shortage Australia so government gave him citizenship. Unfortunately still had sit 3 expensive exams work as doctor Australia. These exams cost thousands dollars, only happened twice year, had limited sitting spots/times and had arbitrary

Uncle Bankrupts Previous Mean Employer

Good for this guy.
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Doctor tries to take credit for woman's work, and a pro revenge ensues | r/ProRevenge u/LatinaCinderella 15h Join 1 3 1 Try take credit something wrote, let destroy academical credibility and get fired used be my college call "Seeder an investigation group created by students want produce scientific articles this case, Psychology) and normally directede by professor had just started college, didn't knew things worked but thanks friend able enter one most exclusive seeders our faculty. They were

Doctor Tries To Take Credit For Woman's Work, Pro Revenge Ensues

One of the better pro revenges we've seen.
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Qualified Hospital employee gives patient care, she thinks he's the garbage man | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Truthislife13 22 hours ago Medical care provided by garage man oc M finished my PhD middle terrible recession, and having hard time finding permanent job stayed afloat financially by adjunct teaching (low pay, no benefits) and by doing whatever odd jobs could find volunteer EMT at time, and friend able get night shift job local hospital as an IV technician. Strictly speaking should

IV Tech Lets Absurd Patient Think He's the Janitor

Ah, hospital shenanigans.
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A patient's dark sense of humor sends the medical professional into a panic | Tifu MRI scan by having dark sense humour poor med tech. So have neurological disability among other health issues use wheelchair, My legs are pretty useless most time had an MRI scan appointment my head; neck and spine. All is going plan nurses tell they will play some music as 's pretty long scan 20ish minutes Despite having had many scans they still scare mainly due cage goes over face which makes feel like

Patient's Dark Sense Of Humor Sends Medical Professional Into Panic

Laughter can arise at the most unexpected of times.
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Doctor debunks multiple Coronavirus myths on Twitter with facts | Separating facts and fiction started this tweet Faheem Younus, MD @FaheemYounus So hearing many myths about #COVID-19 and would like quickly clear record. Coronavirus will go away Sumer months. Wrong. Previous pandemics didn't follow weather patterns plus as enter summer, there will be winter Southern Hemisphere. Virus is global. O137K 12:06 AM Mar 17, 2020

Doctor Debunks Ten Coronavirus Myths

Fight the spread of misinformation with facts.
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The dumbest things that people have done because of Coronavirus | reddit posted by NyxPetalSpike Buying newborn size disposable diapers use as masks | image of a scientist wearing a hair net looking into a microscope

Stupidest Things People Have Done Because Of Coronavirus

People out here rocking mothball necklaces.
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