kid won't do dishes correctly so he's forced to clean off his dirty dishes

Son Refuses to Do Dishes Right, Forced to Eat off His “Clean” Dishes, Internet Approves

Judge internet presides.
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story about rental car place tries to charge extra day so guy takes car mudding and fee gets cancelled

Guy Muds Himself Out Of Unfair Rental Charge

There are times to fight dirty.
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dirty Christmas fails

Christmas Failures That Were Unintentionally Naughty

Ho ho ho.
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Tumblr thread about rhyming with purple turns into dirty history lesson | gallusrostromegalus S aerialsquid Follow satanpositive Roses are red much is true, but violets are purple, not fucking blue. feels fictional have been waiting this post all my life. marzipanandminutiae They are indeed purple, But one thing missed concept purple" Didn't always exist. Some cultures lack names color see. Hence good old Homer And his "wine-dark sea."

Tumblr Thread On Purple Rhymes Goes Off The Rails

Would you expect anything else?
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Guy pranks friends with funny photo | Jesus Feel better bud. Pictures going ask this, is testicle? wanted pic, sorry should've sent just Yeah man. chat

Guy Worries Friends, Pulls Off A Switchadoodledoo

It's pretty straightforward.
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People fill in the blanks with funny art prompt | Show drawing skills. suggestive pic of a man and a woman MS paint drawing so that it looks like the woman shouting while a priest holding a cross and a bible performs an exorcism

People Share Their Drawing Skills With Intriguing Prompt

Looks pretty wholesome from here...
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Stupid and dirty clothes design fails | white socks NASA NATIONAL AERONSMITH AND SPACE | red shirt under jacket that appears to say ASS ASS AHAM ASS ASS ASS

Clothing Design Fails That Are Decidedly Unfabulous

Fashion has its limits.
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Stupid and funny design fails that were someone's one job | ANAL SERVICES nalt Inspektion Sanierung Flächenservices www.anlh | hot gasses surrounding e surface sun Humans eat plants or animals get their food. pic of an elderly couple running on a beach with a dog

Ridiculous and Dumb Design Fails that Could've Gone Better

People are sloughing at their one job.
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Horrible selfish moments of failure, cringe and trashiness | man in a park washing his dog in a drinking water fountain | truck with the windshield sprayed with I'M PREGNANT PREGNAT CALL ME

Trashy Moments That Stink Up The World

Trashiness can spring up from anywhere.
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Stupid, useless and accidentally filthy designs | Anxiety Disorders Now Only $45.00 Entrance Next Door FAMILIAR business shopping window glass | WORLD'S LARGEST QUALITY TOY MANUFACTURE TRADE MARK ASS TOYS 200 FIFTH AVE NEW YORK company logo

Stupid, Useless and Accidentally Filthy Design Failures

Whose job was this?
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Optical illusions caused by strange weird perspective double take eye trick | shiba inu dog sitting in the passenger seat of a car appearing extremely buff and leaning its massive bicep on the window. wedding photo groom in white shirt holding up a bride with a long veil that appears to be coming out of her butt.

Strange Photos of Deceptive Perspective

Double-take away!
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Stupid and bad design fails | cardboard box folded in a way that makes the warning "do not microwave" as "microwave". utility pole in the middle of a road.

Dumb Design Fails That Were Someone's One Job

It doesn't hurt to get a fresh set of eyes.
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Stories and moments of bad roommates | glass jar surrounded by a yarn rope: ur petty af decide start labeling dirty dishes like an art exhibit roommates always leave around apartment

Bad Roommate Moments and Stories

There's nothing quite like living with someone who can't even take care of themselves.
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Design fails, stupid construction mistakes and funny accidental signs.

Dumb Design Failures That Don't Quite Cut It

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Stupid and dirty design fails.

Design Fails That Need Some Work

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Supercut of preacher telling audience to come

Preacher Desperately Wants You To Come

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