Guy Eats Family's Donuts, They're Devastated

Finally, we have a good old fashioned TIFU that's just believable enough to make this story all the more entertaining. You can all but picture the dude trying to exercise some self restraint in the face of the maddeningly tempting sweet donuts, and ultimately failing miserably. From there, it sounds like he pretty much just committed to robbing that poor family of their precious donuts. With that being said, it's definitely a wholesome and relatable TIFU for anyone that's ever tried to snack on something sweet, and fail to not overdo it. Once you start, it's pretty much impossible to stop, when it comes to those sweet donuts. 

TIFU today i fucked up reddit post | r/tifu Join u/Kangar 6h 2 2 1 1 2 TIFU By Ruining Dessert Everyone M So about 10 years old this fuck-up happened. My family had rented cottage with another family and were there week had blast playing on beach, swimming, fishing-all usual fun things one associates with summer. Both families had brought along their own groceries etc and would sit together meals every night. They had couple kids were close ages my sister and and nice.
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