AITA for telling my mom "Good! Now we are both sugar babies"?

'Now we are both sugar babies': Mom gets called out for being a hypocrite

This mother-daughter relationship became toxic when the Mom started accusing her daughter of being a sugar baby when she too would get showered with gifts and money from her current boyfriend.
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AITA for taking away my stepdaughter's phone

Stepdaughter Throws Phone Out the Window in an Act of Defiance

There is nothing quite like thinking you're being a reasonable stepmom, posting your anecdote on Reddit, and then finding out you were so completely wrong.
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AITA for excluding my mom from my college move in day?

Daughter Excludes Mom From College Move In After Years of Being Ostracized by Her Stepdad

Moving into your college dorm is a momentous occasion that many 18-year-olds share with their parents, but sometimes family drama can get in the way of that special day.
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"AITA for kicking my wife out of the house?"

'My wife just went over the top': Man kicks wife out of the house for bullying their pregnant daughter

We love a father who defends his daughter
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AITA for cutting off support to my daughter?

Father of the bride books wedding venue only for daughter to have homewrecking stepdad walk her down the aisle

Wedding planning always brings drama, especially when there are complicated family dynamics involved.
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family drama aita parenting family daughter Father reddit thread Reddit - 17476869

Daughter Disregards Dad's Discount Demands

A daughter refused her father's requests to purchase an HDMI cable with her discount for usage in the family household. The employee purchasing policy expressly forbids receiving compensation for any purchases and the daughter was determined to honor the strictest interpretation of the policy. It certainly comes across in the post as if she is just trying to spite her father and taking any excuse possible not to purchase him the cable he is after. Why can't she just buy it for him as a gift… It…
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stepmother aita drama family daughter Father - 17168645

Bad Dad Demands Son's Graduation Money Back to Give to His Step-Child

Imagine trading out your own children for the child of your new spouse. That's the kind of cruel reality that is hard to envision, but the reality is that there are those of us out there who have had to experience this very thing. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/AITA (Am I the A--Hole) subreddit by Redditor u/Cheap-Tour9949. She explains that her father has repeatedly let her down, and as a result, the two have a “rocky” relationship. After her parents split, he remained a good parent unti…
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entitled dad and daughter get abandoned after ruining vacation

Entitled Boyfriend And Daughter Ruin Vacation, Get Left 800 Miles From Home

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Dad kicks out disrespectful "cool girl" from daughter's party | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by trway21423 12 hours ago AITA kicking out girl my daughter's sleepover bday party? My (34M) daughter (14F) had sleepover b-day party last saturday, and she invited 5 girls her school. There this one girl she invited who could tell her attitude spoiled brat she rang doorbell, she walked looking down at her phone, didn't greet or my wife, and handed her jacket without even looking up

Dad Kicks Entitled "Cool Girl" Out of Daughter's Birthday

And the internet weighed in.
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entitled mom hears of daughter's broken leg, shuts off phone and goes on vacation

Daughter Breaks Leg, Psycho Karen Shuts Off Phone For Vacation, Doesn't Get Why Everyone Is Mad

What a piece of work.
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Dad who looks like obi-wan kenobi will literally fight for his daughter, goes viral on tiktok

TikToker Is Going Viral For Her Videos About Her Star Wars-Nerd Dad Always Being Ready to Fight Someone Who Messes With Her

He almost got arrested for threatening her teacher in high school. He scared her ex-boss into offering back her job. He's also a huge nerd and likes to dress like Obi-Wan Kenobi.
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work relationships workplace daughter Father - 15354373

Bad "Boss-Zilla" Dad Gets A Wake Up Call When His Daughter Singles Him Out

Bad boss dad gets told by his daughter
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aww wholesome dads twitter parenting lol nice dad goofy family daughter funny - 16071429

Wholesome Dads Whose Daughters Gave Them Makeovers

That's some pure, uncut, quality dad behavior right there. This too-wholesome-for-its-own-good twitter thread has dads from all over sharing some potentially unflattering, but highly endearing glamor shots of themselves after their daughters got at them with make-up. For some extra wholesomeness, here are some wholesome memes because everyone deserves a nice break.
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pro revenge revenge in laws family daughter - 15988997

Terrible In-Laws Kick Their Daughter Out and Attempt to Ruin Her Life, Her Legendary Sister-In-Law Destroys Them

Sometimes your true family isn't blood related.
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12 reddit text images mom aita for not wanting to apologize to daughter over injury | thumbnail "AITA for not being sorry that I didn't believe my daughter's knee was hurting? She said she would help me, and I told her we could take her to the emergency room if her knee still hurt by the time the yard work was done. We worked the whole weekend, and she complained a lot, but I was almost certain that she would magically be better by the end of the weekend. This morning though, she said"

Manipulative Mom Thinks Daughter Is Lying About Injury, Forces Her To Do Yardwork, ER Visit 3 Days Later Confirms Sprain

Middle fingers up
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gender aita mother relationships lizard daughter funny - 15959557

Resentful Mother Refuses to Attend Daughter’s Lizard’s Gender Reveal Party

Wait. What?
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