Old Fashioned Father

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Will Trade: One Daughter for Good Relationship OBO

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It All Ends in Tears

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Okay, I'll Carry it TODAY...

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The Dad's Rules for Daughter Dating

If he sticks to rule number 10, he's going to be kissing you a lot.
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This Guy Tells You How to Date His Daughter

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Nothing Like Daddy-Daughter Makeup Day!

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Daughter of "Toilet Paper Dad" Responds With a Video of Her Own

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Have You Heard This Old Saying?

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A Terrifying List of Rules

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Well, That's Wicked Awkward

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Kick It With This Daddy/Daughter Duo

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You Can Talk to Dad About Everything...

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This Dad Discovers a Surefire Way to Stop His Daughter From Crying

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Adorable Daddy/Daughter Duet

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