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15 Inescapably Cringeworthy Tinder Conversation Moments

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Yeah, The Second One

notes dating fails - 7064107776
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And Pizza Loves You Too

pizza i love her dating fails g rated - 6846840320
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Not the Best Pickup Line

pickup lines online dating funny dating fails g rated - 8403829760
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This Kid Has a Dating Profile

Picture of a kid and his mom on his dating profile.
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Welcome to Relationships

Meme about dating fails of someone giving up his manliness and individuality so that his girl don't get mad at him.
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Does This Remind You of Your Relationships?

gif funny animals dating fails g rated - 7586727424
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If the Police Box is Wibbly-Wobbling, Don't Come a-Knocking

tardis nerdgasm doctor who funny dating fails g rated - 7546300416
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In a Band? Here's Some Simple Math

Music Chart math musicians dating fails g rated - 7472229120
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Finally, Men Can Play Too!

beer trash men vs women funny dating fails g rated - 7467068160
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I'm So Ready for May

wtf self love dating fails - 7401225216
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The Awful Awful Truth

men truth love women dating fails g rated - 7124337920
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Sweet, Sweet Revenge

boyfriend cheating free dating fails g rated - 7119432448
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Let's Keep Those Expectations High

expectations skype girls dating fails - 7386623488
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The Best Way to Weed Out the Pretenders

princess peach hashtag zelda dating fails g rated - 6964939520
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I Win?

single dating fails - 6972615680
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