Lunchables in the City of Lights

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The Chippendale's Prom Went Well, I'd Say

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Fail of the Day: High School Student Uses Fake Bomb to Ask Girl to Prom

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They Call it the "Whopper" Anniversary

Yahoo Answers what to do if you want a $30 date.
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Who's the Fool Now?

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Press for Romance

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Ladies Need a Date for Thanksgiving?

Funny tattooed guy who posted on Craigslist that he is willing to be someone's fake dinner date to Thanksgiving to get the parents off her case.
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10 Ways to End a Date QUICKLY

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A Good Way to Show You Care

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And if it Goes Poorly You Can Make Them Pay, too

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Palindromes Are Tough, People

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You'll Get a Date or a Restraining Order, That's the Risk

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Well, That Could Have Gone Better

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Ian Darke Calls a Date

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Never Take a Date to a Baseball Game

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Date Night

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