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Here Comes the Nightmares, Thanks Dad!

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It's Not a Graduation Without a Dad Joke

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Only Time It's Okay to Talk During a Movie

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A Visual Dad Joke

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Your Daily Dose of Dad Humor: The Story of the USS Montana

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In Grandpa's Day They Would Last Him a Whole Year

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The Reason We Don't Want Your Dad on Twitter

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Dad Will Be Here All Week Folks, Try the Veal!

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The Dad Jokes Never Stop

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Dads Are the Elephants of Dumb Jokes: They Never Forget

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an endless stream of dad jokes

Because You've Always Wanted an Endless Stream of Dad Jokes

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The Student Has Become the Master

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A Dad Joke Gone Wrong

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epic dad jokes that are just bad puns told by someone's father which makes them hilarious

The Ultimate Compilation of Dad Jokes

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So That's Where They Get Them

Cartoon - Exause me sir, are you the f&tner? yes Uthis isfor you (angratulabons! Dad! And other amarting jokesfor new dads!
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Never Mind the Message, Why is the Queen Here?

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