Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

video baby learns to laugh

Baby Discovers Her First Laugh, Wholesomeness Ensues

A deep belly laugh for the ages.
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Inanimate Objects with faces | soldiers running to the back of a helicopter with open cabin that looks like a mouth and eyes | boat cabin structure with a smiling face

Various Inanimate Objects with Hidden Faces

Just about anything can become a face.
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Funny video of dog with fake teeth in mouth.

Dog has Radiant Smile after Stealing Fake Teeth

Those teeth are all canines now.
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A collection of funny moments from parents about the ridiculous stuff their kids do | Reese's Puffs SWEET &CRUNCHY CORN PUFFS MADE WITH REAL REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER PER COP why did do this | captain corrigan @sophiaallenx So my 4 year old nephew asked draw him Harry Potter, he then excitedly shouted DO LEGS stick figure legs attached to a detailed drawing of a head

Kidtastic Moments Of Hilarious Proportions

Kids are the living expression of chaos.
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dad turns house into a mcdonald's drive thru

Dad Turns Home Into McDonald's For Son's Birthday

Kid's dreams just became a reality.
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Fox steals a phone chase video

A Fox Running Off With a Phone

*Thrilled fox noises*
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Son teaches his mom how to text, and it's adorable | Mom three can put different color on one side if she wants and they can change day day. If she wants do ,get 1and half yd each Ok 's neat l'll ask 8:33 AM So proud learning send text messages are so silly still can't find question mark 8:37 do get 1and half yd e 88 Mom 8:33 AM So proud learning send text messages Text message

Son Teaching Mom To Text Is Wholesome Gold

This is just great.
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child realizes his dad is driving a train

Engineer's Son Realizes Dad Is Driving Passing Train

Doesn't get much cuter than that.
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Tumblr Thread about a big great dane that adopts a tiny owl toy | mirksilua So my dog is 210 pound Great Dane who has never had toy smaller than car tire before, and he always rips them sheds within couple weeks. pic of a shredded teddy bear. Recently my sister got him biggest toy she could find doggy toy section toy owl about size my dog's head. He smelled took delicately his mouth, then just dropped on floor and has barely touched since. But keep finding him with near him while he is sleeping.

Short Wholesome Thread about Huge Great Dane Adopting Tiny Owl Toy

Alright, that's pretty adorable.
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Collection of wholesome greentexts from people spreading light in the world | Anonymous No.56627033 >go kfc >super cute cashier stares eyes wow hair looks so good t-thanks everybody says Should cut dont listen them :3 crying wojak npc wearing a smiling mask

Wholesome Greentexts Full Of Light And Goodness

Take a break from all the fails and light up that world with some wholesome.
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Video of dog interrupting a soccer game.

Dog Storms Field During Soccer Game

C'mon, let 'em play.
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Cats that are stretchy and very long | grey cat lying on its belly stretched out along a rail. funny cat lying on the edge of a couch with its head and front paws hanging upside down.

Cats Being Far Too Long

These cats are taffy.
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Tumblr user has adorable names for their misfit cats | followthebluebell Roomba literally just sitting tub water while Pepe holds down her towel. chonky cat named potato.

Tumblr User Has The Best Names For Misfit Cats

So much cuteness.
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Inaccurate "Beware of Dog" signs and the silly animals with them | cute husky dog leaning his head between gate bars. cute dog sleeping on the ground in the sun.

"Beware of Dog" Signs That Aren't Exactly Accurate

They're not exactly snarling monsters.
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guy takes videos of and pets stray cats

Guy Goes Around Petting Random Stray Cats

It's a wonder he resisted the urge to bring these home.
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cute video of a beaver carrying carrots in its mouth and paws

Beaver Drags Carrots Home For His Family

This beaver is working harder than the rest of the world.
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