Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

funny inanimate objects with faces

Various Objects and Things That Had Faces

Look, it thinks its people!
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japanese mascots getting stuck in things

Japanese Mascots Getting Stuck In Things

Is there a mascot for "getting stuck in things?"
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wholesome adorable birds cute goose ridiculous Video win - 107466241

Goose Recognizes Woman, Runs Up To Her For Hugs

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nature cotton candy trash panda cute lol raccoons funny Video stupid animals - 107451137

The Full Saga Of The Racoon That Tried To Wash Cotton Candy

It actually got it in the end.
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funny cute dog shaming

Shamed Dogs And Their Unforgivable Crimes

You know what you did.
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funny pet finder names

Amazing Pet Finder Names That Definitely Kind of Work

"This is our new cat, Antihistamine."
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aww wholesome Music adorable birds cute Video - 106920449

Bird Sings Along With Perfect Pitch To Man Playing Guitar

One of the best things ever.
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A cheery senior thinks that a guy is a taxi driver, and then a wholesome ride ensues.

Wholesome Senior Mistakes Man For Taxi Driver, Cheery Ride Ensues

Faith in humanity temporarily restored.
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wholesome adorable seals ocean cute Video win - 106910209

Baby Seal's First Time In Bigger Pool Is Cuteness Overload

I mean, really, come on.
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Funny frog rear ends

Some Intriguing and Adorable Frog Butts

Well, the legs are in demand.
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Deaf kids learn about how farts work | Anna Trupiano Monday at 2:30 PM O Today 1st grade one my Deaf students farted loudly class and other students turned look at them following is snippet 15 minute conversation happened entirely American Sign Language among group Deaf students and. Kid 3 do know which farts they can hear and which farts they can't Hmmm know sometimes can feel butt move fart lot those they can hear. But if butt doesn't move 's more likely they didn't hear Kid 1: TELL THEM STOP

Deaf Kids Learn About Farts

Teaching deaf kids about how farts work is hilariously wholesome.
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nature wholesome cute ridiculous turtle funny - 106726401

Turtle Sneezes, It's Too Much To Handle

Um, okay cuteness overload.
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A quick tech support story about a very wholesome sales rep.

Quick Tech Support Tale About Wholesome Sales Rep

Virginia sounds awesome.
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Funny dogs sleeping in awkward positions | funny dog sleeping behind the toilet with its face resting on a pipe. cute white puppy sleeping on its belly spread eagle legs outstretched on the floor

Sleeping Dogs In Silly Positions

These dogs are tired.
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Funny cats caught trying to take food | Séymlk CLASS ORIGINAL 7g SOY POWERED PROTEIN TOMATO TCHUP CHECK CAT ARM B4 CLOSING Sesaime note inside fridge | cat eating watermelon

Cats Who Were Caught In the Act

They still don't care.
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kid interrupts mother during bbc interview

Cute Interruption During BBC Interview

Love a good interview interruption.
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