'The legs are like four feet long': 25 Shoppers who didn't get the products they wanted

'The legs are like four feet long': 25 Startled shoppers who didn't get the products they really wanted

While online shopping , you can't believe everything you see. Sometimes you have to read between the lines a little bit, and know when a deal is too good to be true.
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'Congratalations on your weeding': 25+ Freshly baked cake mistakes

'Congratalations on your weeding': 25+ Freshly baked cake mistakes

We get distracted by the outside, but it's what's on the inside that counts. That's especially true with cakes, which can look stunning on the outside (thanks to fondant or other technically-edible decorations) but taste bland and dry on the inside. In my book, no matter how unfortunate the cake turns out , if it tastes good, it's still a win. Everyone has had a few baking mishaps . There was that time when we were all stuck indoors for a while back in 2020, and a lot of us got into baking brea…
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AITA for charging someone more than usual for cupcakes and saying I'm not running a charity?

'She wanted them in a week': Cupcake baker takes order for a friend, suddenly raises the price of the order

A disagreement over cupcakes is tearing these two friends apart. Baking cupcakes and cakes for a living is one of those dream jobs that sounds super fun, and is actually a very lot of work. Unless you see behind the scenes, as a customer, you just can't understand what goes into creating professional baked goods . Many bakers do post behind the scenes videos on their social media pages, and it's incredible the amount of skill and technique necessary for these desserts . Some bakers use premium…
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aita baby Party cupcakes pregnant reddit thread Reddit gender reveal - 20133381

‘Her fault so she eats the cost’: Woman hires baker for gender reveal party, baker’s dog destroys the cupcakes

We all know that gender reveal parties can lead to wild results.
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'I doubt I’ll ever collab with an influencer again': Small business burned by influencer refuses to share photos

'I doubt I’ll ever collab with an influencer again': Small business burned by influencer who refuses to share photos

This bakery owner learned a difficult and expensive lesson after working with an influencer who didn't hold up her end of the bargain. As the OP shared to r/ChoosingBeggars, she decided to collaborate with an influencer who was the wife of a local musician. She gave this influencer a box of cookies, and received a 6-second video clip highlighting the products. Sounds great, but would it actually draw any paying customers? As the OP continued on with the story, they shared that they did gain a f…
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Tumblr user calculates value of human soul via golden fiddle value | broternia hate math tests because all throughout chapter 's like really easy shit and then think got and then test is like if throw triangle out car and car is going 20 mph and wind resistance is thing exists many cupcakes can pedro buy with one human soul mr-elementle Human soul is worth $660,326.82 according devil went down Georgia where Devil offers fiddle gold as an equal bet against soul.

Tumblr User Calculates Cupcake-to-Human Soul Exchange Rate

Ah yes, the gold fiddle metric.
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FAILS pinterest FAIL recipe cupcakes - 4884997

15 Disturbing Crafting Fails

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Finally a Reason to Want to Live on This Planet!

cupcakes food futurama win - 8811138816
Via bigpaynis
wtf bees cupcakes Why God Why food Video - 74412289

Are You Brave Enough to Take a Bite of a Cupcake With This Much Buzz?

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What cupcakes?

cupcakes - 7377536512
Created by WaterOz

These Cupcakes Just Smell Awful

Via Acid Cow
kids vine cute cupcakes Video g rated parenting - 69626113

This Little Girl is a Cupcake, and Maybe We All Should be Too

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The Paste is in the Cupcakes?

whoops cupcakes food spelling - 8426501632
Created by yolindamo

These Were Supposed to be "Pink Ribbon Cupcakes" for Breast Cancer Awareness. Whoops.

cancer cupcakes food fail nation - 8343943680
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Location is Everything

monday thru friday cupcakes location - 8277620736
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Looking For a Unique Baby Shower Cupcake Display?

cake baby parenting cupcakes baby shower g rated - 8271400448
Via lucyinthesky22
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