Futurama Cakes WIN

cakes nerdgasm cupcakes dessert food futurama - 6875329280
Via That's Nerdalicious

Nerdy Noms: I Need Some SPAAACCEE!

planets nerdy noms Astronomy cupcakes space - 6814529280

Turkey-Day Cupcakes WIN

thanksgiving Turkey cupcakes dessert food - 6788834816
Via Laughing Squid

Sweet Chair WIN

chair chocolate cupcakes design stool - 6592448256
Via Flavorwire

Cupcake Mold WIN

cupcakes mario mold nerdgasm nintendo Super Mario bros - 6570647808
Via Neatoshop

WIN!: Psycho Cakes WIN

actor american psycho best of week celeb cupcakes food Hall of Fame Movie pop culture - 6554921472
Via Obvious Winner

Cupcakes FAIL

baking cake cupcakes Nailed It rainbow - 6508106240

"This is for not Getting Me a Car for My Birthday"

cupcakes - 6488160768
Created by soup

WIN!: 10,000 Cupcake Mosaic WIN

art cake cupcakes food mosaic - 6162545920
Created by kacerosky ( Via crumbs and doilies )

Hooray Mediocrity!

cupcakes report card - 5840249856

WIN!: Breakfast Cakes WIN

bacon breakfast cupcakes food g rated Hall of Fame noms team breakfast win - 5563367680

Huttcake WIN

cupcakes dessert food jabba the hutt nerdgasm star wars - 5493123328
Via Geeks are Sexy

Omg Racism

cupcakes food halloween kkk oops - 5382099712

Chewie Cupcakes WIN

chewbacca cupcakes food nerdgasm star wars - 5277794560
Via Geeks are Sexy

Cupcakes WIN

cupcakes dessert food nerdgasm star wars tasty - 5157139200

Periodic Table of Cupcakes WIN

cupcakes delicious food science science is rad - 4805448960

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