cringey cringe nice guys relationships dating - 16720389

"Nice Guy" Gets Roasted For Harassing Woman With Cringey Messages

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people who ran into someone who rejected them

People Who Later Ran Into The Person Who Rejected Them

Some episodes of life have a part 2.
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times people didn't understand jokes

Embarrassing Times People Tragically Didn't Get The Joke

Think about it.
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customer service FAIL retail customers cringe Awkward ridiculous - 14903557

Hopeless Times Customers Were Total Waking Nightmares

Seriously, get it together guys.
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This guy asking why I sent a Venmo to his fiancé over 2 years ago. He sent me $1 just to ask me.

Insecure Chad Cringe-Lord Confronts Guy on Venmo Over Fiancée's Two-Year Old Transaction

Who even uses the chat feature on Venmo?
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People describe the absolute dumbest things they were paid to do.

Dumbest Things People Were Paid To Do

Love getting paid to do nothing.
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People describe the dumbest reasons that they ever got dumped.

Dumbest Reasons People Got Dumped

Some bullets were definitely dodged.
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American boyfriend brings bell to ring at waitstaff

Boyfriend Brings Little Bell To Restaurant, Says Fellow Americans Do It All The Time

Where's this guy from?
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obvious and stupid things people didn't realize for a long time

Painfully Obvious Things People Didn't Realize For Way Too Long

Every moment can be a learning experience.
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People describe the absolute dumbest reasons that companies ever ended up firing them.

The Stupidest Reasons Companies Fired People

These folks are far better off.
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A collection of the worst adult temper tantrums that people have ever witnessed.

Worst Adult Temper Tantrums People Witnessed

Working retail is no small feat.
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stories of people's stupidest injuries

The Stupidest Injuries People Have Sustained

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FAIL cringe failbook social media - 15934469

Shocking Failures From the Cringey Idiots of Social Media

It's astounding how dumb some people can be.
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design fail homes wtf architecture cringe design cursed images houses weird - 16256261

Design Nightmares To Give Architects The Creeps

The thing about rooms is that nothing feels wrong with one until something totally is. We've all seen enough bathtubs to know that they shouldn't be carpeted, and a kitchen that's designed to only fit a backwards oven is somehow anxiety inducing. Also what's the deal with people putting bathtubs and Jacuzzis on display in a main living area? What was going on in there? Here are some more rooms with bad vibes.
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FAIL tinder cringe relationships dating - 16209925

Woman Invites Guy Out For Dinner, Gets Upset When He Won't Pay For Her $110 Lobster and Wine

This is not a situation where it is fair to split the bill.
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A customer believes that her computer never needs to be charged, and then tech support intervenes to clear up the matter.

Customer Believes Computer Never Needs To Be Charged, Tech Support Intervenes

That would be pretty cool.
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