Criminally Dumb Criminal

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Elon Musk Supports Russia's Invasion of the Ukraine With Outdated Evidence, Gets Called Out By Experts and Enraged Commenters

Survey data from 10 years ago isn't exactly relevant
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Game dev takes pro revenge on moody lawyer.

Game Dev Takes Pro Revenge On Rude Lawyer

Oh boy, to have seen that lawyer's face.
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Couple demands a refund on an absolutely terrible laser engraving.

Business Gives Couple Demonically Bad Laser Engraving, Couple Wants Refund, Business Gets Taken To Court

That engraving was legit cursed.
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Lawyers describe the absolute funniest cases that they've ever ended up working.

Funniest Cases Lawyers Have Ever Ended Up Doing

The courtroom can end up hosting some truly wild antics.
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A lousy boss doesn't like to pay their employees, so they end up being reported to the labor board.

Lousy Boss Doesn't Like To Pay Employees, Gets Reported To Labor Board

That boss had it coming.
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customer service Criminally Dumb Criminal FAIL cringe ridiculous Video tiktok - 2347270

Dine 'N' Dashers Leave Keys At Restaurant, Forced To Return

So unbelievably dumb.
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A food shop tries to ghost an employee, and it ends up backfiring for them.

Food Shop Ghosts Employee, Employee Steals Food Shop's Workforce

Well executed, indeed.
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A construction crew boss takes revenge on vandals with indestructible stake.

Construction Crew Boss Takes Revenge On Vandals With Indestructible Stake

They certainly got their comeuppance.
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A nasty neighbor keeps wasting the cops' time with petty concerns, so the neighbor ends up losing half of their garden.

Neighbor Keeps Wasting Cops' Time Over Petty Matters, Loses Half Of Garden

Yeah, take that Steve.
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Man decides to respond to his own wanted ad on Facebook.

Man Responds To His "Wanted" Ad On Facebook

That's one way to do it.
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thief steals package from porch then gets his car stuck in snow

Man Attempts To Steal Package, Gets Car Stuck In Snow

What a joke.
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Man buys an expensive bike from a thief, and ends up returning it to the owner. | Ste Burke @SteBurke44 Has anyone had their bike stolen? Just bought this 80 and 's got bike lock on Apparently 's Crosby area. Bought so can get back right owner know 's 1350 bike and id be heartbroken if Give us shout

Guy Buys $1800 Bike From Thief, Returns To Owner

Put some karma in this dude's bank.
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People that screwed themselves over in court | Belgian_friet 3d Not lawyer, but law student. This case my professor showed us class. Some guy accused something cannot remember but judge spoke him free because there wasn't enough evidence he had done Guy said "thank judge, l'll never do again DA appealed and got him convicted Reply 681

People That Screwed Themselves Over In Court

Oh, man.
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Landlady rents tenant a fake apartment, and the tenant takes pro revenge | r/ProRevenge u/Genius4Hire 130d JOIN 1 S 11 rented fake apartment, and accidentally got pro revenge So this happened long time ago s probably ok post here 2010 November 2009, and jamming Got Feeling by Black Eyed Peas, looking cheap apartment find great ad craigslist, and arrange viewing.

Landlady Rents Tenant Fake Apartment, Pro Revenge Ensues

She thought she was so clever.
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Landlord admits to breaking law to tenant | Joshua Browder @jbrowder1 Horrifying text exchange between landlord and tenant. This landlord's going jail (and getting sued Landlord Today got stimulus, just asking are going pay rent or part rent with any am trying close out books April Wed 4:07 PM

Landlord Breaks The Law, Tells Tenant, Self Destruction Ensues

Completely screwed.
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Lawyers describe the best gotcha moments that they've experienced | deleted Plaintiff had an x-ray an allegedly broken arm seemed off and dates didn't make sense house at an academic medical center looked at case more closely and discovered Plaintiff x-ray tech at another hospital. After all over.

Lawyers' Best Gotcha Moments

Caught in the act.
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