Criminally Dumb Criminal

This Man is Wanted by the Police, but Let's Hear His Side of the Story


Meet the Criminal Who Had the Honesty to Put Down "Drug Dealer" as His Occupation

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An 82-Year-Old Woman Gets Busted Trying to Steal the "Sexiest Fantasies" Perfume

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But I Mean, Who HASN'T Done This?

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Three Men Are Under Arrest for Stealing a Safe... With Nothing in it

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Pro Tip for Robbers: Don't Try to Shake Down Someone Faster Than You

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This Robber Plays Dead When His Burglary Goes Awry. Brilliant or Stupid?

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If You're Going to Deliver Meth by Drone, Keep it Under Six Pounds

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Pro Tip: Sober Up BEFORE Trying to Rob the Liquor Store

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You Almost Have to Admire the Guts of This Woman Being Able to Shoplift Using Her Dress

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Who is This Jerk and Why is She Stealing the Tip Jar From a Pizza Joint?

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Threatening an Undercover Cop: Almost as Bad of an Idea as Threatening a Regular Officer

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Photo of the Day: Man Tried to Smuggle 94 iPhones Into China

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Turns Out Blowing Up an ATM is Not the Best Way to Make a Quick Buck

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This Man is Named (No Joke) Bud Weisser, and He Was Arrested for Attempting to Rob a Convenience Store

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He Didn't Shoot an Eye Out, but This Dumb Criminal DID Steal a Leg Lamp

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