A collection of the spookiest things that people encountered while on hikes.

Eeriest Things People Have Seen On Hikes

The wilderness can get real spooky.
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spooky creepy bizarre ridiculous weird Video tiktok - 2229766

TikToker Finds Haunted Doll In The Woods, Things Escalate Quickly

Little Timmy's giving off some bad vibes.
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creepy things girls said or did to men

Dudes Share The Creepiest Interactions They Had With Girls

Don't do this.
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Robotic arm places things very quickly

Crazy Fast Robot Arm is a Terrifying Reminder That We Have Less Fast Arms

It's an arms race.
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A collection of creepy things that people just can't explain

Absolute Weirdest Things That Happened To People

This whole existence business is a strange matter.
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guy accidentally goes to wrong house for party, it's a young girl's house

Dude Shows Up At Wrong House for Party, Looks Like Weirdo

Does "oops" cover it?
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Couple sleeps with their bedroom window open, and then a horrific awakening ensues.

Couple Sleeps With Bedroom Window Open, Horrific Awakening Ensues

Oh, oh no thank you.
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wtf unsettling creepy bizarre weird tiktok - 2174214

Eerie TikTok Video Reveals Abandoned Ghost Town

Ghost towns are just plain old unsettling.
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A collection of the most unexplainable, creepy events in people's lives.

Most Unexplainable, Creepy Moments In People's Lives

Life can be quite unnerving at times.
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Weird, WTF and strange creations that are well designed | tattoo of bobby from king of the hill as sailor moon | classic croc shoe carved out of cheese

Impressive Creations of Questionable Taste

There's no doubt that they're well made, but that's the only guarantee.
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Signs that seem extra scary | Beware Monkey Attack | STOP BE AWARE OVERHEAD MOLTEN IRON

Overly Ominous and Uniquely Spooky Signs

Danger comes in a wide variety of flavors.
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science facts that are creepy

Creepy Science Facts to Feel Weird About

Great, thanks reality.
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wtf and creepy times people had to get out of a situation

People's "Man, I Gotta Get Outta Here" Moments

Some dangers are more obvious than others.
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trees eating and enveloping things | cable connected to an electric socket engulfed by a tree trunk | sink sticking out of a tree

Famished Trees that Engulfed Stuff

Nothing is safe.
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strange and wtf images | knitted cover for a toilet seat | whole entire corncob replacing a gear stick in a car

Cursed Weirdness from The Depths of The Internet

Thanks, internet.
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Tweets about kids saying very creepy things | elizabeth bruenig O @ebruenig am tucking my 4.5 y/o alright angel, sleep good, jane: did know our house there's secret door no jane can only see at night dark nope. not interested jane: and has big big big room inside am begging stop, | My daughter had an imaginary friend named Rusty. She stopped mentioning him and after while asked had become him? She told us she had rolled him up rug and shoved him down heaven hole. She pretty nonchalant about Neve

Twitter Thread: The Wildly Creepy Junk Kids Say

Well, uh, goodnight then.
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