awful and scary warning signs

Creepy Signs That Are There For A Good Reason

Oh no. Not the Cemetery water.
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People describe the creepiest and most unexplainable things that ever happened to them.

Creepiest Most Unexplainable Things That Happened To People

The world can get creepy quick.
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wtf items and funny things for sale online

Strange and Stupid Junk People Posted For Sale Online

Any takers?
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funny and weird bad date stories

23 Of The Worst Dates People Went On

It happens to the best of us.
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wtf cursed food images

Viscerally Cursed Foods That Don't Belong In a Gullet

Oh no.
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Scary and ominous warning signs

Spooky Signs That Mean Serious Business

Freaky, but thanks.
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People describe the weirdest and creepiest things that they've ended up seeing in the middle of the night.

Strangest And Scariest Things People Have Seen At Night

Maybe the bear was just trying to say hey.
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surprising hazards

Things That Are Way More Dangerous Than People Realize

We're not invincible.
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weird and scary images

Weird and Terrifying Images To Feel Uncomfortable About

Make it go back.
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wtf creepy bizarre trippy social media weird Video tiktok - 2397446

TikToker Wakes Up In "Empty World", Claims To Be In Alternate Reality

Yeah, we clearly all moved to Mars, bro.
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strange, funny and wtf cursed images

Strange and Cursed Images of Internet Weirdness

Uh, thanks?
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spiders insects bugs creepy ridiculous Video - 106870529

Woman Documents 4 Day Battle With Huge Huntsman Spider

She's too chill about it.
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thread of guy wandering around creepy fake town that's probably a government training site

Thread: Dude Wanders Into Creepy Fake Town

Oh cool, a fabricated ghost town.
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creepy and mysterious stories from sailors at sea

Creepy And Mysterious Things People Saw at Sea

She be vast and chock full of fish and uncertainty.
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A bizarre story about a dude probably accidentally walking into a government populated town.

Man Wanders Into Strange Town, Things Only Get Weirder

Literally right out of the "Truman Show."
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A collection of the spookiest things that people encountered while on hikes.

Eeriest Things People Have Seen On Hikes

The wilderness can get real spooky.
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