Coronavirus, no we don't mean when you drink one too many cervesas. Covid-19 has turned the 21st century on it's head, thrusting the world into facing an incredible challenge unlike one most of us have seen in our lifetimes. So why not laugh about it, it's healthier.

Twitter thread finds stupid spaghetti answer to coronavirus conspiracy theory | William Mullally O @whmullally friend who's fully into covid conspiracies sent this post says Captain America predicted coronavirus outbreak 2011, and while its obviously bs started fixating on circled image on right. lexfuture 2011 film Captain America Eirst Avenger Behind his right shoulder Coa Beer on his left image coronavirus New York City Let sink 1/2 Files Conspiratorium HSBC Sistar Breadway 51 likes lexfuture

Dude Finds Dumb Answer to Dumber Conspiracy Theory

You've gotta respect the investigative skills.
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Twitter thread on anti-mask league during San Francisco's 1919 Spanish Flu | Tim Mak @timkmak THREAD History doesn't repeat itself, but rhymes thread about Anti-Mask League 1919 not kiddingI went HAM researching this So, starting Sept 2018 San Francisco suffered Spanish Flu pandemic. Initial mask wearing good around 80 percent 2:10 PM Apr 19, 2020 Twitter Web App 3.9K Retweets 6.2K Likes Tim Mak O @timkmak 3h Replying timkmak By November cases were down, and public health officials recommended

Twitter Thread: 1919 Anti-Mask Protests During Spanish Flu

Alright well this isn't surprising at all.
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Funny memes about how different wildlife is coming back | ronnie mcdonnie @taladorei with everyone on lockdown lime scooters are finally returning river. nature is healing are virus. electric scooters sinking in water

Twitter Makes Memes of News that "Nature is Healing"

So majestic.
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Ryan Reynolds shares a video about social distancing | Ryan Reynolds @VancityReynolds Another important message from an important celebrity. Let’s spread the word not the virus. I happily nominate,  @stevenpage   @Sethrogen  and  @TerryR49776917  #PlankTheCurve #StayAtHomeSaveLives

Ryan Reynolds Shares Social Distancing Video, Nominates Seth Rogen

Spread the word and not the virus.
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Tweets and memes about people's self quarantine | Well, old girl about have busiest month life INSTANT POT cooking utensils | Ryan Brooks @ryanbrooks bar my neighborhood is delivering entire liters their premixed margaritas 25 and get complimentary roll toilet paper with purchase and 's really starting feel like there are no rules anymore

Tweets and Memes from the Quarantine

Things are still rolling along.
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A submarine service member shares his tips for people dealing with isolation | Jon Bailey @SloopJontyB During my time Submarine Service along with many others endured many weeks and months cooped up steel tube under waves just thought share few coping strategies many now facing Covid-19 “patrol Purell ADVANCED HYGIENIC HAND RUB GEL HYDRO-ALCOOLIQUE POUR LES MAINS GEL ALCOHÓLICO PARA DESINFECCIÓN HIGIÉNICA DE MANOS ANTISÉPTICO PARA PIEL SANA GEL ALCOÓICO ANTISSÉPTICO PARA MÃOS ONTSMETTE Co tish S

A Submarine Service Member's Tips For Isolation

Keep focused on the little things you enjoy.
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People share their upsides to being quarantined in AskReddit thread | cwtguy 5h No driving work gives two hours my life back with my son each day and saves few hundred bucks month gas.

People's Silver Linings To Being Quarantined

People are finding the bright side where they can.
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People on Twitter react to "amid" being the new Coronavirus buzzword | tweet by dayana sarkisova @dsarkisova no one: absolutely nobody: editors working on coronavirus coverage: amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid amid

"Amid" Is The New Coronavirus Buzzword

No love for amidst.
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astronaut Chris Hadfield explaining how to self isolate social distancing coronavirus

An Astronaut's Guide To Self Isolation

Love this.
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conan o'brien making hand sanitizer at home coronavirus

Conan O'Brien's Guide To Making Hand Sanitizer At Home

Good to see Conan's holding up alright.
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coronavirus pandemic quarantine empty malls and public spaces

Normally Packed Mall In Vegas Empty Due To Coronavirus

An eerie and haunting reflection of the times.
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People on Twitter share their preferred quarantine routines | Kevin Farzad @KevinFarzad My Quarantine Routine just wanted share works This is just give structure and sense stability 9 am 2 am: wake up stare at my phone

Twitter Users Share Their Quarantine Routines

These may or may not work for you.
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A celebrity filled video of them singing "Imagine" ends up inspiring multiple parodies | Pablo S. Torre @PabloTorre Pls excuse while recruit dozen celebrities whisper-sing End" by Linkin Park into their cell phone cameras

Celeb-Filled "Imagine" Video Inspires Parodies

The reception by people on Twitter was across the board.
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Tweets and jokes about coronavirus and quarantine | milO @amelianashh been waiting perfect time change my Netflix password so my ex can't use anymore and doesn't really get much better than national lockdown 703K 4:37 PM Mar 16, 2020 60.9K people are talking about this

Coronavirus Tweets From The Self-Quarantine

Yeah, it's all still happening.
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Woman tests positive for COVID-19, and describes her experience in Twitter thread | Bjonda Haliti @baeonda 22 years old and tested positive COVID-19 been debating on posting, but want share my experience especially with those around my age help bring awareness, and relieve any stress/anxiety some may have due pandemic.

Woman Tests Positive For COVID-19, Describes Experience

Hydration is key.
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Video of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost doing a version of "The Plan" from Sean of the Dead for coronavirus.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Recreate "The Plan" for Coronavirus

It's good for a PSA.
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