British cop measuring the road ends up getting roasted to oblivion | Cheshire West @Go_CheshireWest Further along road another potential problem has been reported. Darren inspects and explains as is under 50mm no action needs be taken at this time #cwaclive

British Cop Measuring Road Gets Roasted To Oblivion

You're not doing it right, my dude.
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A reckless driver learns their lesson through creative policing | Answer Experiences Life Topic might like is most interesting encounter with police? Andrew Katz Updated Jul 27 18 years old, and driving my mother's car police pulled over Good evening Sir. Do know why pulled over?’

Driver Goes 115 MPH, Learns Lesson Through Creative Policing

An angry mom can be a scary thing.
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Cop overhears a man threaten his date, so he proceeds to intervene | So, possibly one coolest things ever seen mean know hear women want him, men want be him" stuff old movies? Well man and by god wanted be this guy. Anyway!

Cop Overhears Man Threaten His Date, Proceeds To Intervene

Dude had it coming.
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A cop provides quality advice on wearing seatbelts, in a fun manner | police officer sitting in drivers seat in a car Sudden Itch | the turtle

Cop Provides Quality Advice In Fun Manner

Pretty on point.
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guy impersonates a soldier and gets caught in the lie

Dude Impersonates Soldier, Cop Calls Him Out

A proper call out.
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A Quora answer from a police officer on why cops could be knocking at the door | Is illegal not answer front door if police officer knocks? C Anthony, Police Officer (1998- present) Answered Apr 28 been police officer 20 years. Here are some reasons knocked on someone's door. 1. Because they've called police 2. Because someone has called police on them and now have figure out why.

Quora Answer: Police Officer Lists Reasons For Cops At The Door

Helpful to know if the moment ever arises.
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tow truck driver tries to get police car

Tow Truck Driver Tries To Repossess Cop Car, Gets Arrested

Pretty absurd.
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guy talks to a police man like a cop himself and interrogates him

Guy Talks To A Cop Like A Cop

Way too much fun was had.
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woman arrested for stealing car then steals the cops police car wtf crime video

Woman Gets Arrested For Stealing Car, Denies Stealing Car, Then Steals Cop Car

What a ride.
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police man attempts and fails to jump over fence and gets stuck

Cop Gets Stuck On Fence

He kind of looks like an NPC glitching out in a video game.
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arizona cop police fail questioning cringe

Arizona Cop Gets Flustered When Questioned At Station

Five minutes was a lot of time for questions.
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funny shrek 2 scene that parodies the movie cops criminal busted

Hilarious Cops Parody In "Shrek 2"

Might've missed some of these jokes as a kid.
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police pulls over state attorney

Cops Unknowingly Pull Over State Attorney

Her smirk is everything.
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fail cringe judge gets pulled over by cop

Cop Pulls Over Judge, Judge Uses Position Of Power To Get Off Quickly

Well that's just ridiculous.
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Guy gets out of speeding ticket with fart spray | tweet by JJ FiretheGm Soooo got pulled over this morning after leaving McDonald's.l already knew why he got speeding but course gonna ask him why he stopped decided try my luck got fart spray as gag gift on xmas and decided try out

Dude Tells Story Of Getting Out Of Traffic Ticket With Fart Spray

Impressive if true.
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incriminating footage from body camera of a cop impersonator that eventually gets him caught

Fake Cop On Power Trip Gets Caught

He really enjoys yelling at people in cars that can't hear him.
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