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Relatable Mom Goes Viral for for Showing How Mom’s Never Actually Get a Vacation From Being a Mom, Especially While Vacationing

Oh, the joys of parenting.
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FAILS cooking cooking fail image - 16765189

50 Terrible Cooking Fails From People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed in the Kitchen

Cooking is a completely underrated skill and a skill that a surprising amount of people know very little about. More surprising still is that an even greater amount of people know less about their way around the kitchen than they think they do. But, that's what happens when you grow up in the rural continental United States, where every meal consists of some combination of processed food, cheese, wheat, sugar, and corn starch. Few of us learn advanced skills or techniques that are required for…
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wtf old recipe cards

Old Recipe Cards We Hope No One Ever Tried

Because salad needs Jell-O.
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funny food opinions

People Share Their Most Controversial Food Opinions

Oh no, the controversy!
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twitter users nostalgic over old ovens

Twitter Users Get Nostalgic Over Sexy Old Ovens

Oh that's nice.
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aita marriage cooking - 15406597

Wife is So BAD at Cooking That Her Husband Has to Ask Her to Stop

Guy asks his wife to stop cooking because she's so bad at it.
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Picky eater husband doesn't like that his wife makes fancy healthy food for herself and their child. | r/AmIthe. le Posted by u/Cantbethathealthy AITA making myself nice meals and not my husband? Not hole So preface by saying and my husband have vastly different tastes basically everything most part doesn't matter, but clash heavily comes food. Before met basically never ate out, drank nothing but water and unsweet tea (with occasional juice and ate mostly

Picky Eater Husband Demands Fancier Meals

Yeah man that's not happening.
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insane psycho wtf cry cooking marco pierre white chef lol crying - 107653377

Chef Marco Pierre White Describes Making Gordon Ramsay Cry

Now that's a hard boss to have.
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overrated food

Overrated Foods That Get Too Much Credit

Don't give in to the smooth cakes.
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restaurant memes

Restaurant Work Memes To Serve Up To Ungrateful Customers

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husband won't eat food and puts it in garbage

Wife Cooks Food For Her Family, Husband Won't Eat It And Throws It All Out

There's a red flag.
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rage frustrating wtf cooking annoying friends angry story entitled vegan food - 15485445

Houseguest Demands Labor Intensive Vegan Meal, Isn't Even Vegan

Oh come on man.
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funny memes about food

Food Memes To Satiate Our Deep Hunger For Laughter

And also fries.
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red lobster boss insists on doing job wrong, is shown to be wrong

Incompetent Manger Insists On Doing Job Wrong, Crashes And Burns

Wonder why that didn't work out, huh?
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Girlfriend consolidates all rice into one container and ruins it

Girlfriend Consolidates Rice, Thinks All White Rice Is The Same

Absolutely unacceptable.
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funny stupid wtf cooking fails

Cooking Fails That Would Leave A Bad Taste In Anyone's Mouth

"Oh, that's where I left them."
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