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funny not my job moments

"Not My Job" Moments Of Workplace Incompetence

Perfectly excuted.
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construction and interior design house fails

Inconvenient, Weird and Stupid Interior Design

When in doubt, carpet the bathroom.
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funny "not my job" moments of failure

"Not My Job" Moments Of Unprofessional Failure

Looks good enough.
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funny lazy not my job moments

"Not My Job" Moments of Professional Entropy

All things slide.
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A nuclear revenge story that was 10 years in the making.

A Masterful Revenge Story That Was 10 Years In The Making

Really, at the end of the day this is a work of art.
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A collection of memorable construction fails that are filled with dangerous activity.

Construction Fails That Are Stuffed With Dangerous Activity

So many questions at once.
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weird rooms and bad bathrooms

Troubling, Flawed Rooms With Bad Vibes

The carpeted bathrooms. The carpeted bathrooms.
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humor FAIL construction ridiculous dangerous funny Video - 107314177

Pipeline Operator Displays Remarkably Poor Skills

This ain't it, man.
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funny fails relating to construction and installation

25 Incompetent Moments of "Unique" Construction and Installation

She's nonstandard, but she gets the job done.
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crazy construction dangerous intense Video - 107091457

Two Construction Workers Narrowly Escape Death

Close call there, buds.
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not my job fails of building

"Not My Job" Moments of Unprofessional Construction

Why should anything line up ever?
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A construction crew boss takes revenge on vandals with indestructible stake.

Construction Crew Boss Takes Revenge On Vandals With Indestructible Stake

They certainly got their comeuppance.
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surprising FAIL construction ridiculous funny Video - 106878465

Concrete Buffer Goes Absolutely Nuts

Unsure if machine is angry or stoked with life.
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funny and stupid diy and construction fails

Laughable and Dumb Building Maneuvers In Need of A Pro

Something is wrong here.
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funny unprofessional "not my job" moments of failure

"Not My Job" Moments of Professional Incompetence

Eh, good enough.
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bad construction, stupid installation and DIY fails

"Not my Job" Moments of Less-Than-Professionalism

Great, uh, job.
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