The Saddest Refund

can't handle them condoms need a refund
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Proving Stoners Will Find a Way to Hotbox Anywhere, Anytime: Condom Hotboxing

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Yes, Lets!

he's ready for some finger fun!
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There's No Shame Here

she's proud of her sexy times
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Be a Sneaky Lover

camo condoms really a make it look like you're not packing much
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More Effective Than Nike

just wear those condoms.
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Just a Regular Condom, Nothing Out of the Ordinary Here...

Regular Condoms include a rooster wearing a helmet, that's how condoms work
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For the Discerning Gentleman

anyone want a whiskey condom?
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College: Where Ink is More Expensive Than Rubber

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Please, Don't Let This Happen to You

this is what a natural disaster looks like
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Lunch Is Like Sex

practice safe lunch
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Brilliant Teacher Finds a Sneaky Way to Teach Kids How to Properly Use Condoms, Because in Mississippi That's Illegal

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Tales From Sex Ed, Courtesy of Tumblr

tumblr condoms failbook - 8428336384
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You're Probably Not That Big

big condoms funny no no tubes wtf dating - 8421993984
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Put This Over Your Squirtle

wtf funny condoms - 8420137728
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Some People Are Better at Being Grown-Ups Than Others

kids these days sexy times condoms - 8397230848
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