IT employee has flash drive smashed because of security mix up

Incompetence Turns IT's 15 minute Job Into Paid Time Off

Well, coulda gone worse.
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Systems manager loses backups and learns he ordered fewer backups | r/talesfromtechsupport Posted by u/DevilRenegade Wannabe-BOFH 1 day ago 2 2 e 35 do mean told stop backups Long So bit background first used be shift team lead hosted outsourcing company provided our own software on AS400 based systems various financial institutions. Some these companies were very small and only had single box. Some were larger and had pair boxes (usually one serving as live environment and one as test

Angry Systems Manager Learns He Engineered Own Nightmare

The mystery is solved.
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Consultant runs over laptop with his car and IT guy saves it

Wholesome IT Bro Revives Totally Destroyed Laptop

Sometimes things actually work out.
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Mom washes her kid's computer and then doesn't understand why it doesn't work anymore.

Mom Washes Kid's Computer, Tech Support Catastrophe Ensues

Can't make this wild stuff up.
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coworker refuses new screen

Coworker Throws Tantrum Over New Monitor, Thinks It Will Delete Her Precious Icons

Not this again.
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funny memes about computers, IT and tech

Relatable IT Memes For The Technologically Minded

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funny story woman demands an exabyte of email data storage

Angry Lady Demands One Billion GB Of Email Storage

That is a whole lot of cat pictures.
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guy at company wants computer that doesn't exist

Coworker Demands Mathematically Impossible Computer, Gets Proven Incompetent

Don't want to listen to the expert? Alright.
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FAIL cringe computer ridiculous Video cursed dating tiktok - 2658054

Troubling Video Shows Girl Clean Boyfriend's PC With Soap And Water

Now that's just disgraceful.
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Karen isn't using the correct internet browser, pretends to follow instructions, and then a fail ensues.

Karen Gets Mad For Not Using Correct Browser, Pretends To Follow Instructions, Fail Ensues

These kinds of customers are a real handful.
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tech support gore, ruined technology and destroyed computers

Harsh Moments of Technological Gore

Oh dear mother of board.
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Karen manager demands employee print a video and gets fired | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/deeba_ 11 hours ago No problem print video And while at might have fired as well. oc L Hi all, This is my first submission sub and hope enjoy There's tl:dr at bottom. Context: This happened few years ago 18 and working as receptionist community nursing service. As youngest team by long shot average age employees being around 55-60 usually one responsible Computer Stuff mostly just simple things

Karen Manager Orders Employee to Print a Video File, Gets Fired

She insisted.
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People describe the strangest behavior that they've ever seen from their damaged computers.

Weirdest Behaviors From People's Damaged Computers

That's a new one.
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company refuses to replace a computer and wastes money story | Posted by u/themcp 15 hours ago 2 45 34 8 4 won't pay $100 new hard drive? Okay, enjoy paying $22k my time deal with problem. oc L had job where had computer which incidentally, also web server very important internal web application thought this really stupid wasn't server room being managed by but some weird reason they wouldn't do didn't use this application or have anything do with but took up large chunk hard drive and made slow

Company Won't Replace One Computer, Wastes Thousands of Dollars

Great work.
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Great names people gave their wifi | posted by DoctorDirector weren't supposed have personal wifi our dorms college, so made name "DIRECT-BHB-HP Office jet 5234" and everyone just assumed just printer like rest would pop up

Terrific WiFi Names People Encountered

People are way too good at this.
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A computer user calls tech support because they don't understand how tabs work | r/talesfromtechsupport u/Gsmith2885 User states can only open 1 program at time my browser Short work large multinational call center as level 1 tech support. At peak times have between 20 30 thousand employees connected our network. Our users use various applications many which run browser. Some programs require Chrome some require Internet Explorer been doing this long enough have pretty good

Computer User Calls Tech Support, Doesn't Understand How Tabs Work

Oh, to be in tech support.
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