Bill Burr comedian roasts blind audience member during stand up

Bill Burr Unknowingly Roasts Blind Man, Hilarity Ensues

Bill's just ruthless.
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funny story by blind comedian about neighbor

Blind Comedian Tells Story Of Time He Thought Neighbor Ignored Him

He's just Australian in his head.
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Norm Macdonald Conan O'Brien tonight show

Norm Macdonald's Infamous Send-Off For Conan O'Brien

"Miserable failure is not an option."
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stand up comedian roasting his dad

Comic Invites Dad To His First Set, Proceeds To Roast Him

This just needs to be longer.
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stand up comedian vs heckler mom HECKLER SHOULD'VE STAYED Steve Hofstetter

Heckler Mom Gets Offended, Comedian Handles Her

Handled with finesse.
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comedian finds happiness after divorce | happiness is like squirrel

Man Tries To Be Normal And Happy After Brutal Divorce

Pure honesty in art is a captivating thing.
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Comedian roasts celebrity famous audience member

Comedian Roasts Audience Member, Doesn't Know It's A Celeb

Oh man, this is great.
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jeff ross roasts hooters workers

Jeff Ross' Funniest Roasts Of All Time

Nobody is safe in a Jeff Ross roast.
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Video of drive in comedy show with honk when you laugh policy.

Alaskan Drive-In Comedy Show Has "Honk When You Laugh" Policy

It's an interesting concept.
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Lee Mack makes John Cleese laugh with funny joke

Lee Mack's Joke Leaves John Cleese In Tears

The delivery is impeccable.
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funny video jim carrey recreated his comedic moments as a serious actor

Jim Carrey Reimagines Greatest Comedic Moments

Sit back and enjoy the show.
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BJ Novak cadbrry eggs are being made smaller

BJ Novak Highlights How Shrinkflation Is Real

BJ Novak is the hero that this world deserves.
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Soldier performs bad stand up to Taliban detainees, almost commits war crime | Posted by itspeterj TIFU by almost committing war crime. Obligatory not today. This about 10 years ago started doing stand up army Afghanistan, actually started telling stories around fire at night, but eventually started doing shows chow hall

Soldier Almost Commits War Crime By Performing His Stand-Up to Captive Audience

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surprising comedy comedian win - 101034241

Comedian Gets Answer He Wasn't Ready For, Handles It Like A Pro

So much to admire in this.
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sketch andy richter comedy Video comedian - 100873217

Andy Richter's Dog Saves Him During Sketch Rehearsal

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Awkward comedy ridiculous interview funny - 100800001

Comedian Mark Normand With A Hilariously Awkward Interview

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