Weirdest Class Cancellation Ever

teacher got salt in their eyes and cancels class
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Bieber Studies Is Apparently a Thing

justin bieber studied in class
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Teachers Don't Want to Deal With Your Romances

quit making out class
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A True Tale of Woe

tom and mary in statistics class
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Computer Class Is Going Well

answer a to all the questions
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You Don't Say?

obvious school building named classroom building
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Isn't This Just Everyday?

school makes you nauseaous
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It's Trying to Load...

class brain math funny - 8422618624
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Must Have Been a Horrible Class

class review teacher funny - 8421037824
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What the Hell Do They Learn in School Nowadays?

costume class wtf funny - 8421425664
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That Escalated Quickly

finals class exams funny math - 8411918336
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Sometimes You Just Can't Wake Up

it's hard to stay awake in class
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Pro Tip: Know What the Class Is About Before You Take It

class funny college - 8401778432
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English Teachers Have Gotten Friggin' Serious

class english teachers funny g rated School of FAIL - 8395056640
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Changing Seats in Class Can Cause a Lot of Drama

drama class kids funny notes teachers g rated School of FAIL - 8393996288
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When Do You Have "Jim Class?"

class gym idiots funny g rated School of FAIL - 8391147008
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