Pablo the Fish Now Traumatized

class does not eat its pet fish
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Which One Are You?

class test study forgot - 7113904128
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Evil Things to Do in Computer Class

class evil computer - 7081660416
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Notes: Brady Also Didn't Have a Snack for Snack Time

class food note Parenting Fail snack teacher - 5353202176
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Pass And You Can Take The 201 Course FAIL

cars class - 5439307008

Can't. Stay. Awake.

class tired sleep funny - 7975148800
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That's a Lot of Melons

class math name - 7042292480
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DARE Was Confusing

class drugs confusing simpsons - 7056026880
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Getting Out of Class Can Be a Stretch

class wtf funny - 8168327168
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They Could Just Be Really Pleased With Their "Equipment"

class facebook Hall of Fame school status texting in class - 5387835648
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Stimulating Class Discussion FAIL

class school stupid toilet paper - 5424101376
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I Would Do Anything for Grades, But I Won't Do That

cheating class school sexy teacher test - 5702064384
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class college hangover school - 5447919872
class phone teacher funny School of FAIL - 68970497

This Teacher Is Serious About No Phones in Class

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Now That's Bored

did he give the pancakes out to the other students?
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Weirdest Class Cancellation Ever

teacher got salt in their eyes and cancels class
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