Nickelback Died For My Sins

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This is Why You Don't Let the Eagle Guest Spot in Your Church Sermon

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God Doesn't Want Seconds Either

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Probably True

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Keep it Quick, We Want to Hit the Back Nine Today

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Now THAT'S How to Advertise for Your Bar!

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And Mind Your Own Business

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How Can You NOT Read This Wrong?

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It's Going to be a Long One

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That's Between You and the Guy in the Clouds

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I'm Parably Gonna Go to Jail for This

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Wait, No, Not Like That!

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The Church of the Blade, Open for Business!

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"And I Would Have Gotten Away With it, if it Weren't for You Meddling Kids!"

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This Church is Looking Bird-Like

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Don't Swallow the Miracle!

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