The Street Art Cathedral

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That Was the Intention, Yes

sign not what it sounds like accidental sexy church - 6992297472
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Getting Drunk After Church

drunk wasted church - 6990651904

Well That Was Unexpected

jesus faith unexpected gay church homosexuality dating fails g rated - 6925688320

That's Not How That Works!

atheists church DMV failbook - 6915962624

Wrong Side of the Force FAIL

religion star wars nerdgasm church - 6866841600

Still Pretty Boring FAIL

sign boring accidental sexy church fail nation - 6838234624

Shoot, You Wanted How Many Clocks?

church clock clocks - 6576294656
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Failbook: It's Okay, It's Platonic

church jesus Mexican mexico - 6576220160

It's the Spittin' Image of the Original!

church Spain - 6535574528
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Topical Sermon FAIL

church fifty shades of grey no thanks - 6527803904
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There I Fixed It: Just Call Me Michelangelo: Woman Botches Restoration of 100-Year-Old Church Fresco Painting in Spain

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"This is Humiliating"

childrens-costumes church - 6519393792

There I Fixed It: 21st Century Catholics

candles church - 6500426496
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Music FAILS: Starships Were Meant to Fly ... to JESUS

beez in the trap church faith g rated Music FAILS nicki minaj religion - 6472972544

Why Churches Don't Use Electricity or Magnets

christianity church faith internet religion wi-fi - 6378729472

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