Employee catches and humiliates an office food thief by switching candy with chocolate covered ants | r/pettyrevenge Posted by u/BatricePergeron 13 hours ago Chocolate Covered Ants Insect- Fearing, Sweet-Thieving Officemate. My wife is lovely woman who not only gets up super early pack lunch work everyday, but also throws suprise treat every once and while all hear stories about people stealing their coworkers lunches out office fridge my case wasn't my lunch started getting stolen at work treat

Employee Gets Ant Revenge On Office Food Thief

He had the hubris to share his greatest weakness.
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scary wtf marijuana pot story chocolate mom weed funny uplifting - 7982341

Dude Accidentally Gets His Mom Crazy High, with Weirdly Uplifting Twist

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things that look like food

29 Delectable Looking Objects That Are Totally Not for Eating

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objects that look like food

27 Delectable Looking Objects That Are Definitely Not Food

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willy wonka

Tumblr User Writes Compelling Theory On Why Violet Should've Won Willy Wonka's Factory

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people trying things for the first must have been all like 4m6c9hx

14 People Imagine If They Were The First Person To Try Something

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people share stories about being jerks

15 People Admit Times When They Were the Assh*le

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allergy stories

11 People With Serious Allergies Who Were Tricked By A**holes Who Didn't Believe Them

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This Is A Crime Against Humanity

fail man puts face in chocolate
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FAIL spicy lol chocolate - 1304069

User Tells the Story About the Time He Played a 'Sweet' Game of Russian Roulette

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twitter reactions British angry chocolate - 1289989

British People Are Losing Their Minds After Discovering a Change Made to Their Sacred Cadbury Roses

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Ladies Don't Eat It

period wtf poop chocolate funny - 8367929600
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Thanks Mom, But These Chocolate Truffle Mice Tails Look a Bit Suspect

funny parenting fail chocolate truffle mice treats look like a penis
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kid devours bottle of chocolate in kitchen
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candy easter chocolate DIY Video - 79032065

Make Your Own Chocolate Easter Eggs

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Fail of The Day: People Have Some Very Strong Feelings About The Reese's "Christmas Tree" Cups

Fail of The Day: People Some Very Strong Feelings About The Reese's "Christmas Tree" Cups
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