A funny Quora post about what a guy would do if he was kidnapped by a chess grandmaster.

A Dude's Wildly Imaginative Hot Take On Freeing Himself From Chess Grandmaster

What a Chad.
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impressive crazy games awesome chess Video win - 106811137

World Chess Champion Displays Mind Blowing Memory

What doesn't this guy remember.
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Meme of Russian television show brings in a chess master while kid cries.

Child Must Face Chess Master

So you thought you were good at chess, huh?
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chess master Levy Rozman awesome video

Chess International Master Levy Rozman Destroys Blatant Cheater

Don't play games with the master.
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funny chess game trash talk

Chess Grandmaster Plays NYC Trash Talker

Not what he was expecting.
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10 year old chess master

Kid Beats International Master Of Chess

Kid's drinking that 7UP like there's no tomorrow.
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awesome board games chess Video win - 465926

Small Time Chess Player Unknowingly Defeats World Champion Opponent

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FAIL cringe parenting ridiculous chess funny - 6464517

Terrified Mom Thinks Her New BF Has Evil Plans For Her Son, Until Internet Helps Her Out

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chess Video - 78202625

Chess Grandmaster Maurice Ashley Plays a Hustler in Washington Square Park

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star wars chess - 74467073

Augmented Reality Brings The Star Wars Chess Set To Life

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Science Chess

cute chess science funny - 7923272960
By Unknown
chess BAMF Video g  rated win - 71463681

Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen Defeats Three Opponents Simultaneously... While Blindfolded

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All War Really Is...

chess dual use military war weapons - 4860527104
By pedretta (Via

I'd Just Forfeit

biker chess - 6372059648
By Unknown

Couldn't Find the Queen, Found a Suitable Replacement

chess - 7168737024
By Unknown

If You Have too Much Money to Spend, Feel Free to Pick Up the World's Smallest Chess Set

design nerdgasm chess - 8371467008
Via Salknight
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