Not Just a Spammer, But a Lying Spammer

App chat games request spam - 6439259136

Hey, Doucheweed!

chat it jerk tech support - 5948010240
By Unknown

How to Get From Win to Fail in .0001 Seconds

chat dating flirting meme message relationships success kid - 6128609024
By Unknown

I Don't Want to Game on This Planet Anymore

chat gaming minecraft video games - 6083571456
By Scott Shipley

Honest Scammer Is Honest

chat funny im nigeria scammer - 6040262912
By Unknown

Start and End

chat joke oh snap - 5850848256
By Unknown

Thumbnails: Expectations vs. Reality

chat expectations vs reality - 5844112640
By Unknown

Failbook: All the Single IQs

beyoncé chat facepalm failbook g rated - 5844119296
By Logan Hirsch

Failbook: Dirty Talk

Dirty talk on Omegle with a stranger takes on a classic toilet riddle.
By Izzy Mathers


funny screen grab of an Omegle exchange about incompatibility
By Unknown

Stop Winking and Tell Me!

chat facepalm trololo - 5748754432
By Traffic_cone

Failbook: FAILipino

chat facebook facepalm failbook Featured Fail race religion - 5671671552
By Unknown

Little Red Riding Hood: Special Edition

chat Portal star wars win - 5653985280
By Unknown

Failbook: Did You Really Just Ask Me That?

chat facebook failbook g rated hat like my status lms oh snap - 5554644736
By Unknown

The Lesson: Never Sign In to Chat

chat Featured Fail rage comic so close - 5439539456
By Unknown

That's Probably Why You Stopped Talking To Them Before

chat friends meme - 5387531776
By Unknown