Guys chat about the math and physics using farts as propulsion in space | If floating zero g with no momentum essentially stuck space space station and, let's say there are handholds nearby 1 meter away and way 90kg hard would have fart propel body nearest handhold weigh Completely dependent on fast want get there As fast as possible suppose need determine capabilities human anus withstand explosive forces. don't know if fart would have propelling force similar on Earth as zero g

Dudes do the Math on If a Fart Could Propel Someone in Zero G

They got to the bottom of it.
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Birthday Boy

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Amazon Support Team Member is Having a Great Day

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Your Name, I'm Trying to Address You!

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Maybe You'll Have Better Luck With the Next Rep

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What it's Like to Use GChat

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Very Popular Indeed

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This is Not What Apple Support is For

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Who Needs Plans if You Have Lllamas?

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Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

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They Both Come in Pairs

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Your Parents Are What?

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It Only Takes a Day

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Taking a Loo For a Friend

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Better Late Than Never

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