Charity WIN

charity nerdgasm star wars stormtrooper - 5548325120
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charity gift improv everywhere Random Acts Of Kindness Video - 30972673

Gifting WIN

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Random Acts of Gift-Giving WIN

arcade charity free stuff nice Random Acts Of Kindness ticket - 5604391168
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Donation Amount FAIL

animals charity wtf - 5602544128
By Gilhuerta

Goodwill Games (The High Price of Conscience)

charity jerk shopping - 5600279552
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WIN!: Completely Relevant News: Clever Charity WIN

charity clever completely relevant news donations g rated justin bieber money smart win - 5570199552
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Donated WIN

brick carving charity donation nerdgasm star wars - 5522362112
By Unknown

I Came For The Soda, I Stayed For The Addiction FAIL

charity drugs meth signs wtf - 5463799040
By Unknown

Might Want To Wash Them First FAIL

acronym charity failboat fap innuendo - 5395749888
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Having Sympathy FAIL

charity clothing failboat g rated inappropriate mean - 5394150144
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Meal For The Hungry FAIL

charity failboat food g rated hunger religion - 5381562368
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Preparedness WIN

chainsaw change charity homeless sign zombie zombie apocalypse - 5292107264
By rippy-d

Transmutation FAIL

change charity confusing failboat grammar g rated - 5270429952
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Nice Store WIN

books business charity free stuff nice store - 5076439296
By Unknown

Donation Station FAIL

books charity failboat g rated irony prison - 4892352512
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Diabetes Support FAIL

Ad charity conflict of interest donation failboat fast food g rated kfc pepsi signs soda - 4826498560
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