christmas charity goats Video - 76639489

Stop Everything and Listen to These Goats Sing Christmas Tunes for a Good Cause

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Canada teddy bear charity sports hockey Video - 76566785

This is What Canadian Charity Looks Like: 29,000 Teddy Bears Being Donated By Throwing Them Onto the Ice of a Hockey Game

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Somehow I Don't Think NASA is Your Best Target Here

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random act of kindness charity homeless miley cyrus Video - 70858241

Miley Cyrus Starts a Foundation to Help America's Homeless Youth, Wins Our Hearts

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random act of kindness charity restoring faith in humanity week Video g rated win - 70065153

A Little Money in the Right Place Made All the Difference in the World to People on the Other Side of the Globe

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random act of kindness charity soccer Video - 68776193

Charity of the Day: Soccer Player Raises Awareness About World Hunger With Tattoos

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"Joseph" Has Maybe Seen Better Days

charity whoops fail nation g rated - 8337409280

Only Your Likes Can Save Them

charity facebook like failbook g rated - 8337412096
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The ALS Challenge is Stupid... Except When I Do it

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charity whoops Video - 63700225

If You're Going to Use a Partner for the ALS Challenge, Make Sure it's a Good One. For Their Sake.

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You Know, That Impoverished State on the East Coast

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No, You're Thinking of the British Twin From "The Parent Trap"

random act of kindness charity celeb lindsey lohan - 8078310144
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charity homeless help humanity Video g rated win - 57649921

Restored Faith in Humanity of the Day: Doctor Dresses the Homeless

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This Little Gal Has the Best Birthday Present

charity pets random act of kindness - 7974733824
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Restored Faith in Humanity of the Day: Ad Campaign for Movie Spent Entirely on Typhoon Relief

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charity Video random act of kindness restoring faith in humanity week g rated win - 56726017

What These Guys Did With $14,000 Will Make Your Day Better

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