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Hey I think your cell phone is buzzing. These cellular puns will have you dialing for more in no time.

My bf started a new job, sent me this, and turned off his phone

'This means completely turned off': Employer's autocratic cellphone policy goes viral

Just another employer who thinks they own their workers because they pay them the smallest amount that they're legally able…
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Woman calls a call center and demands a 500 MB plan because she thinks it is bigger than 16 GB and she gets it.

Customer Demands a 500 MB plan Instead of Existing 16 GB Plan

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ads cell phone Video - 82541057

This Maisie Williams Cell Phone Ad Is a Parody of Every Beauty Commercial You've Ever Seen

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baby parenting cell phone dad - 81844737

Tech Savvy Baby Refuses to Let Dad Play Games With Her

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marriage cell phone weddings dating - 81154305

This Dude Loves His Phone So Much That He Actually Married It

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But I Always Have A Full Battery

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FAIL cell phone compilation selfie Video - 73864193

When the FAIL Calls, You Have to Pick Up: Cell Phone and Selfie Fails

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Back in My Day

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hong kong charger cell phone Subway Video - 72583681

Hong Kong Woman Loses Her Damn Mind When Her Phone Dies on the Subway

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If Only It Worked That Way

drunk, drunk mistakes, wallet charger

Look Ma, No Hands FAIL

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'At a Boy!

cell phone fatherson iphone text - 6508831488
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Should Have Bought A Better Phone

cell phone charger phone charger - 5909838848
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Someone Thinks She's Above the Rules

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Open Your Eyes And Your Crystal Energies, People!

crazy conspiracy cell phone failbook g rated - 8387142656
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