A collection of career red flags to look out for. | DancesWithElectrons 21h work hard play hard Expect more working and less playing.

Career Red Flags To Watch Out For

A crucial guide.
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HR and recruiters describe the biggest mistakes that job candidates make during the hiring process. | fannyj 5h Q: On scale 1 10 are C language skills 10 Q does do don't know. G Reply 48 B

HR And Recruiters Share Job Candidates' Biggest Mistakes

Best to avoid these.
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A flight attendant describes her most memorable moments. | filmnoirsbian Follow honor approaching my first 6 months mark as flight attendant, here are some highlights my time this job lady stopped gently whisper had "mastered art kindness an elderly woman told put on earth be flight attendant" Each and every time someone complimented my nails

Tumblr Post: A Flight Attendant's Wildest Stories

So many nice moments.
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funny radio interview prank

Radio Hosts Find Greatest Bloke In World Through Prank Job Reference

Only in Australia.
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A Twitter thread about a hilariously clueless intern named Steve | Kaleb Harmon @KalebAHarmon have an intern named James. God blessed James with an incredible amount confidence point arrogance. God did not, however, bless James with any amount common sense or intelligence. These are his stories.

Twitter Thread: Tale Of A Hilariously Clueless Intern

Bless James' sweet summer soul.
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Hiring managers describe the biggest red flags that they saw on resumes | Si-Ran 3d WRITTEN LIKE 4TH GRADER

Biggest Red Flags Hiring Managers Saw On Resumes

Avoid that caps lock.
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Window cleaners share stories from their time on the job | maytswizzle 5d worked retail and once month window cleaner lady would come and clean store windows. She told one time she cleaning windows inside Apple store and man walks by and licks outside part window she cleaning. She upset since she had already cleaned and would have clean again, but responded by telling man Good thing haven't cleaned side man got upset and went look manager. Reply 2.8k

Strangest Things Window Cleaners Witnessed

People go crazy when they think nobody can see them.
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Boss continues to insult employee, so employee takes a pro revenge | r/ProRevenge u/Divine_Squire 1y Join Revenge boss hell. 30k+ payable thanks. Greetings posed this story once before days past but deleted fear legal reasons revised and feel more comfortable sharing title story something like "Creamfilled karma ending boss" or something along those lines enjoy heck out this sub along with malicious compliance and petty revenge can tell as long time lurker this story is worth read most deserved

Boss Continually Insults Employee, Employee Takes Revenge

Boss got humbled big time.
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An animator calls out a whiny consumer in Twitter thread | Noogat @NoogatDelight Primetime animation is quite possibly one most sterile fields animation, and can thank FG/ Other animated Family Sitcoms pioneering Artists who work on these shows are incredibly limited they can, and cannot do; and is by design. 10:00 pm 15/6/20 Twitter Android

Twitter Thread: Animator Calls Out Whiny Consumer

Seriously unwarranted complaint.
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A collection of inspiring success stories from various middle-aged people | tweet by dandelionmama am mother four released my first full-length book at 45, and started law school this year-at 47-with four teenagers house. Some us are late bloomers, but wow figure out

Middle-Aged People That Got Their Big Breaks

Get ready for a strong shot of inspiration!
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Women on Twitter share career advice for their younger selves | Evie Ebert @ohevie private citizen can walk out door&go home whenever want. They don't pay worry about not there. Most people are faking their enthusiasm because not loving is too scary them will forget names tormentors 5 yrs.

Working Women Share Career Advice For Their Younger Selves

The wisdom of hindsight is the darnedest thing.
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People describe bad grades that they thought would ruin their lives, but didn't | tweet by Roger @iamtherog Elementary School had straight As all 4 years except Penmanship and missed out on getting President's Educational Award because devastated. Now I don't even know if people learn cursive anymore. pic of a red apple on top of a closed book

Bad Grades People Thought Would Ruin Their Lives

A thread that can really put things in perspective.
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Job interview memes that are super relatable for anyone looking for a job | tweet by Joel Jeffrey @joeljeffrey [At job interview] Interviewer: Do have police record No. But do have few their albums on cassette hires instantly

Painfully Relatable Job Interview Memes

At least we can bond over job interview struggles with memes.
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A "help wanted" ad for a babysitter is ridiculous with its extensive list of demands | tweet byKimberly Harrington @honeystaysuper Look know day is and where l'm posting this but still challenge find ANYTHING more bananas bat shit than THIS DARE. Assist 10-year old's with light homework long division, subtraction and writing. Play math games with them such as much fish should buy today five us and long will take us drive snow if 's 150 miles and go 50 miles an hour

Babysitter "Help Wanted" Ad Is Absolute Insanity

Pretty sure nobody can hit all these requirements.
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A collection of AskReddit replies to glamorized career paths that are actually nightmares | post by kahli-dub Flight attendant travel would be amazing, but let's face glorified waitress working cramped, steel tube.

Glamorized Career Paths That Are Nightmares

There's a lot more than meets the surface with certain jobs.
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Guy's wife cheats on him with his best friend, so he revenges so hard that both of their careers are ruined and they're publicly humiliated.

Guy's Wife Cheats On Him With His Best Friend, Revenges Them So Hard They Press The Self Destruct Button

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