People describe the worst job interviews that they ever had. | BrutalNutritionist 3h Realised pyramid scheme half way through interview already working so didn't accept job.

Worst Job Interviews People Ever Had

Job interviews can be total nightmares.
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Supervisor demands that an employee use a lint roller before the meeting.

Supervisor Demands Employee Use Lint Roller Before Meeting

Could be a bit of a tough call.
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People's most surprising moments while on the job.

People's Moments Of Pure Wonder While At Work

Upper case numbers could be interesting.
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Company doesn't want to fix security flaw, IT guy shows them what's up. | r/ProRevenge u/ROKexpat 12h Join 3 6 Don't want fix my issue? Well think its time new CTO just want state this issue is going blow some peoples presented nothing short incredible. And fact never had major security breach is astounding truly is. minds security flaw this flaw may ask

Incompetent CTO Refuses To Fix Company's Security Flaw, Revenge Ensues

It's like he wanted the company to get hacked.
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A Twitter thread about people quitting their jobs with no notice.

Twitter Thread: People That Quit Their Jobs With No Notice

Sometimes, you've just got to dip out.
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A collection of funny and entertaining programmer memes.

Painfully Relatable Programmer Memes That Struck The Rage Key

They speak to the frustrated soul of a programmer.
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A collection of careers that seem to attract an ungodly amount of fools.

Careers That Seem To Attract An Unlikely Amount Of Clueless Humans

But also, like every career.
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People describe the ways that they accidentally messed up their job interviews.

People's Worst Job Interview Fails

Job interviews ain't easy.
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Wife gets fired from her job, company won't make good on her last paycheck, so a scary letter ensues.

Wife Gets Canned, Company Won't Make Good On Last Paycheck, Scary Letter Ensues

Hopefully they learned their lesson.
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An employee clearly states that they'll be unreachable while on vacation, but their company totally disregards them.

Supervisor Says They'll Be Unreachable On Vacation, Fails To Give Employee Important Info

Eh, could've been handled a bit better.
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A tech support employee gloriously catches a Helpdesk scammer.

Tech Support Employee Catches Helpdesk Scammer

Way to go.
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People describe the various reasons that they ended up quitting their jobs on the spot.

Reasons People Quit Their Jobs On The Spot

Yeah, they had to go.
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People describe the moments that they knew they were going to have to quit their jobs.

The Moments People Knew They Had To Quit Their Jobs

Sometimes you just know it's time to call it quits.
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A manager insists on screwing an employee over, and then they get their promotion taken away.

Manager Screws Employee Over, Gets Promotion Taken Away

Shouldn't have played that game, man.
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People describe the professions where you definitely never want to overhear someone say "oops."

Professions Where Overhearing "Oops" Is A Worst-Case Scenario

Not all "oops" hit the same.
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A Twitter thread about the most clever and effective scams that people pulled off at work.

People's Most Devilishly Effective Scams At Work

Some serious rascals.
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