Guy holds up cardboard signs with hilariously accurate societal commentary | Stop Posting Old Travel Pics | Stop Posting Zoom Screenshots

Man's Cardboard Signs Tell The Hard Truths

Seth is man of the year.
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movies cute parenting family cardboard - 781317

Cardboard Box Office Reminds Us All What Parenting Is All About

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list Party cardboard dating - 779781

If You Ditch Your Friends for Your Fiancée, You Will Be Replaced With a Cardboard Cutout

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castle Office hacked irl cardboard Video win - 77618945

Defend Yourself From Those Post-Holiday Blues in a Clever Cardboard Cubicle-Castle

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whee cardboard Video remote control - 71248385

There's Nothing but Pure Joy When These Guys Get Their Cardboard RC Plane to Fly

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Now All You Need is a Paint Job!

cardboard cars Hall of Fame overkill - 5099868416
Created by Unknown

You Can Tell It's Overheating When The Fire Starts

cardboard computer mod recycling-is-good-right - 3590530560
Created by Unknown

Looks Like He's About To "Shogun" A Beer

awesome beer cardboard FTW samurai - 4291398912
Created by Unknown

Emergency Medical Patch

cardboard cars tape wtf - 4497407232
Created by Unknown

Hat Extension Prototype

cardboard clothing dual use hat - 5764473600
Created by Cody
nerdgasm cardboard Video - 70311681

These Guys Create Elaborate Cardboard Armor, Then Destroy it in Minutes in GLORIOUS COMBAT

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Budget Cuts Can Hit Hard

budget cuts cardboard license license plate - 6331720960
Created by Jose Quervo

What a Beautiful Window!

cardboard door doorknob window - 6306445312
Created by generalchaos

Chimney Fix

cardboard chimney flammable Kludge - 3932169216
Created by Shaetano

A Portal To Other Worlds

architecture awesome co-workers not boredom boxes cardboard clever creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom decoration ergonomics hardware ingenuity privacy recycle recycling screw you sculpture wall wiseass work smarter not harder - 3676739072
Created by Unknown

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