Whatever You Do...

cardboard - 6469576448
Created by Unknown

Roger BROverlord, Cardboard Tank 2-7 Inbound

cardboard - 6356866304
Created by Unknown

There I Fixed It: Hey Buddy, Whatcha Watchin' Big Guy?

cardboard computer g rated Hall of Fame monitor there I fixed it TV - 6308313344
Created by Unknown

This Isn't My Raincoat!

bike box cardboard rain - 6200129792
Created by teriana

Raise the Roof!

cardboard roof ventilation - 6225213440
Created by flatcatbob

TIFI WIN: The Kids' Backyard Drive-In Movie

backyard cardboard Hall of Fame kids theater - 6189560576
Via Recyclart

Take Away the Resources, and the Most Resourceful Reveal Themselves

cardboard chair - 6158561792
Created by chrisdcjr

Someone Was Cardbored...

cardboard desk joke laptop office prank phone prank trick - 6017699840
Created by summerofevidence

There I Fixed It: Laptop Repair Level: College Student

box cardboard cardboard box college student g rated laptop there I fixed it - 6134077184
Created by Unknown

This Fix Doesn't Stand a Chance

cardboard phone prop stand - 6040558848
Created by Jessica

Cardboard Office Gets A New Ergonomic Chair!

cardboard chair Dell - 5907478784
Created by Unknown

Virginity Saved!

cardboard sword zelda - 5917592832
Created by Unknown

Cardboard Weapons WIN

cardboard design DIY guns nerdgasm weapons - 5903152640
Created by Unknown

All it Needs is Some Cat Hair Brush Attachment

cardboard cleaning neat vacuum - 5835415296
Created by Everton

They Don't Pay Him Enough to be an Artist

bathroom cardboard duct tape Professional At Work - 5770951936
Created by qjuantum

Not The Most Portable HDD

cardboard hard drive portable - 5633566208
Created by anicakeller