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Having Fun With Sticky Notes and a Very Fancy Camera

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Hogging the Spotlight FAIL

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Day Care Camera FAIL

CCTV camera security camera - 6920028928
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Close-Up FAIL

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Self-Poortraits: DIY Cameraphone

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close call nice catch camera drones Video - 70452481

Close Call of the Day: Guy Catches Drone Before it Lands In the Ocean

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Some People Just Aren't Cut Out for Technology

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A Man of Simple Needs

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Prince Harry camera selfie Video - 70100481

Prince Harry Hates Selfies. We Like Prince Harry a Little More Now

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Self-Flying Planes, Sure. Automatic Cameras? IMPOSSIBLE.

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Kludges by Kanon

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Taking Pictures: Love Through the Lens of a Camera

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awesome camera love story Video - 69254913

Me & You: Telling a Love Story With a Single Camera Angle

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The Accidental Awful Selfie

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What Happens When You Point a Camera at its Own Monitor? Beautiful Recursion!

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That's a Hell of a Steadicam Shot for Eurovision

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