cameraman gets food poisoning at old folks home and ends up filming self

News Cameraman Gets Food Poisoning at Old Folks Home, Films More Than He Bargained For

It's a rough job.
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Confusing pictures that play with perspective and create optical illusions | pics taken at the right moment perfectly timed kettle that lets out a stream of steam that is actually snowy mountains in the background crane holding up the moon

Double-Take Inducing Images of Skewed Perspective

Eyes will be duped.
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tomato and other objects super sized macro photography closeup zoom in

Daily Objects In Macro Is Intensely Satisfying

Life is strange up close.
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Moments in movies that are unrealistic | posted by marfou Finding parking spot front building going into.

Movie Elements That Aren't Like That In Real Life

No one ever has to sneeze or go to the bathroom.
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An actor throws a vase on the ground but it bounces and shatters on a cameraman.

Prop Bounces Off Set, Shatters On Cameraman

You don't expect a vase to bounce like this.
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video of crying bicyclist

Stranded Cyclist Begins To Cry and Cameraman Just Watches

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Pictures of wild animals taken at night.

Funny and Weird Night Photos of Animals Taken By Camera Traps (9 Images)

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scary surprising haunted house camera ridiculous reaction funny - 8756485

34 Times The Camera Captured Haunted House Customers Getting Scared

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sports employee woman FAIL cameraman pitch baseball first pitch lol camera - 97532161

White Sox Employee Throws Possibly Worst First Pitch Ever, Hits Cameraman

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man flies with umbrella

Turkish Man Pulls a Poppins, Flies Away On Umbrella In High Winds

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FAIL weather painful camera winter Video fall - 503302

Woman's Porch Camera Perfectly Captures The Painful Highlight Of Her Day

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annoying movie tropes

20 Annoying Movie Tropes That Infuriate People to No End

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funny tech support story

Tech Support Blows Minds of Retail Employees with Power Button Bombshell

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panoramic photo fails

38 Freak-Making Panoramic Photo Fails

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The Fastest Camera in the East

cameraman camera Popcorn shirt panic basketball nudity funny boston - 9194669568
Via Plebsplease
Super tiny drone with camera let's you be the 'eye in the sky.'

Be the Eye in the Sky With the Ridiculously Tiny SKEYE Nano Drone

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