Dat... Pun?

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By thelegendred

Who's Up for Some Buttball?

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By Unknown

This isn't What Meatloaf Had in Mind With His Song

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By Unknown
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Butt Slapping is Apparently a Real Thing That Kids These Days Are Doing

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The Aisle Nobody Wants to Use

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By Unknown

You Literally Can't Ask for Something Better From a Partner

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By Unknown

Proctology Simulator 2000 is the Game of the Year

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By Swanage

Can We Get This Embroidered on a Throw Pillow?

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By Unknown

I DO Have to Lie

butts Confession Bear funny - 7830232576
By anotsusagami

Trailer Trash at its finest!

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By Iloverap8

This Cheeky Hong Kong Company is Making a Different Kind of Mooncake

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Via Metro

The Infinite Beauty of Nature. And Butts.

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By Unknown

Such a Groundbreaking Language

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By losermc4strings (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Yoko Ono Creates Fashion Line for Men

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Via Opening Ceremony

Not Even Butt Stuff

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By Unknown

I See an Unpaid Internship in Your Future

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Via Jim Benton