construction building failures

Construction Failures That Sorta Went Off The Rails

That's a lot of pipes.
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25 images and gifs of warhammer40k terrain build | thumbnail three images of homemade terrain build, castle open, castle outside, castle stairwell

Insanely Awesome WarHammer40K Terrain Build, Homemade With Love

Gamers unite
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cool and interesting brickwork

Fancy Brickwork To Gawk At And Feel Unskilled Over

The one time "being as graceful as a brick" is a compliment.
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funny design failures

Stupid Design Failures That Deserve Criticism

There might be an issue here.
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parkour scary wtf Terrifying kids osha building unsafe - 107576065

Kids Playing On High-Rise Rooftops Is A Big Yikes

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construction and interior design house fails

Inconvenient, Weird and Stupid Interior Design

When in doubt, carpet the bathroom.
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funny "not my job" moments of failure

"Not My Job" Moments Of Unprofessional Failure

Looks good enough.
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not my job work fails of incomplete work

"Not My Job" Moments of Unprofessional Blunderosity

Break time.
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funny fails relating to construction and installation

25 Incompetent Moments of "Unique" Construction and Installation

She's nonstandard, but she gets the job done.
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not my job fails of building

"Not My Job" Moments of Unprofessional Construction

Why should anything line up ever?
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Tumblr thread on building that knocked people down and burned people, and other buildings by architect Rafael Vinoly.

Tumblr Thread: The Chaotic Evil Architect

Oh good, it's "fixed" now.
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funny and stupid diy and construction fails

Laughable and Dumb Building Maneuvers In Need of A Pro

Something is wrong here.
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Incompetent sales rep measures wrong, blames it on builders, loses six figure client | r/ProRevenge Join u/misunderstoodpotato 1y Measure wrong and blame on customer? Prepare loose six figure client. Hi everyone, This isn't my pro revenge, but my builder's about 15 years ago they were building my house architect our house insistent on sash windows, and only maintenance free sash windows were available my country at time were only available one manufacturer. Now this manufacturer had very stuck

Incompetent Sales Rep Measures Wrong, Loses Six Figure Client

Oh, that just hurts.
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stupid and funny construction fails | standing electric light going through roof tiles | faucet and sink installed sideways inside a hole carved in a tiled wall

Weird, Bad and Dumb Building Decisions

Planning is for cowards.
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funny, stupid and cringeworthy construction | person standing on a ladder balanced on a crane | person sitting in an unsafe harness thing fixing a wall

Cringeworthy and Inadvisable Construction Maneuvers

Whose idea was that?
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Funny design failures that were someone's one job | CANDY LAND Matching save $10 24.99 Sale g 34a NER Doonmiands Lawbringer baster UNO 4.50 Sale Board or card game stocking atutlers 2.99 Patrol exclusive | NOW HIRING DONUTJOBS.COM Not greatest URL hindsight.

Design Failures That Didn't Work Out

You had one job!
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