boyfriend is wrong about car, needs help changing tire, gets left on side of the road

Boyfriend Needs Help Changing Tire, Has Tantrum When Told He's Wrong About His Car

Dude needed a chill pill.
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Woman Instructed to Dress as Trashy as Possible for First Date; Takes This Instruction Very Seriously

Woman Instructed to Dress as Trashy as Possible for First Date; Takes the Challenge Very Seriously

Themes are not optional
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reasons people left a relationship

18 People Share The Exact Moment That Made Them Nope Out Of A Relationship

That would do it.
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boyfriend tries controlling girlfriend's shower temp

Boyfriend Tries Controlling Girlfriend's Shower Temperature, Thinks He Is The Victim

It's steam, punk.
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woman uses boyfriend to fund school and breaks up with him as soon as she becomes a lawyer

Woman Milks Boyfriend For Tuition, Dumps Him After Graduation, Gets Called Out During Speech

Tricksy, tricksy.
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AITA for dropping him and his daughter off at a rental car place states away from home?

Woman's Boyfriend Can't Control His Entitled Daughter When They Invite Themselves On Her Holiday, She Leaves Them At a Car Rental and Tells Them to Find Their Way Home

After her boyfriend invited himself and his brat daughter on this mother's holiday with her sons, they could not have been on worse behavior. After putting up with the daughter's entitled behavior for most of the trip, the mother snapped and sent them packing, leaving them at a car rental agency and telling them to find their way home. The altercation between the couple occurred after a series of infuriating events enabled by the boyfriend, Dave, a 44-year-old male and perpetrated by his 17-yea…
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people who ran into someone who rejected them

People Who Later Ran Into The Person Who Rejected Them

Some episodes of life have a part 2.
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entitled dad and daughter get abandoned after ruining vacation

Entitled Boyfriend And Daughter Ruin Vacation, Get Left 800 Miles From Home

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guy demands girl get maternity test to see if she is mother to her baby

Idiot Demands Pregnant Girlfriend Take Maternity Test To See If She's The Mother

Absolutely phenomenal reasoning skills.
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texts from exes

Texts From Exes And Their Respective Complex Perspectives

It's reflective of the sexes.
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boyfriend aita drama brother siblings relationships sister trust fiancee dating betrayal - 16455173

Insane Brother Puts a Hidden Tracking App on His Fiancée's Phone, Sister Wants to Tell Her

Is it worse that her boyfriend is the one helping her brother?
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American boyfriend brings bell to ring at waitstaff

Boyfriend Brings Little Bell To Restaurant, Says Fellow Americans Do It All The Time

Where's this guy from?
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boyfriend twenties dating fails relationship relationships girlfriend cheating online dating dating - 16429317

“Hot Young” Girlfriend Discovers That She Might be the Other Woman After Posting About Older Boyfriend’s Intolerant Noise Complaints

The signs were all there!
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boyfriend aita relationship drama boyfriends relationships dating - 16407301

Jerk Boyfriend Plays "Keep Away" With Girlfriend's $3500 Heirloom Model Ship, Breaks it, Refuses to Pay a Cent

Time for him to walk the plank.
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boyfriend aita relationships girlfriend dating betrayal - 16379397

Insecure Short King Hides Girlfriend's Shoes Before Wedding, Forces Her to Wear Sandals

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boyfriend relationships girlfriend entitled dating - 15960837

Exasperated Girlfriend Calls Out Immature Boyfriend When Her Interrupts Her During An Interview

What a baby.
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