A boyfriend wants his girlfriend to pay him for an Uber ride, but she rightfully refuses.

Boyfriend Wants Girlfriend To Pay Him For Ride, She Refuses

Get a load of this guy.
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Boyfriend expects his new girlfriend to contribute $200 to a wedding gift for his bud.

Boyfriend Expects Girlfriend To Contribute $200 To His Bud's Wedding Gift

Those are some wildly unrealistic expectations.
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entitled boyfriend eats cake before birthday starts

Entitled Boyfriend Starts Eating Birthday Cake Before Party Even Happens

Dude, have like a little bit of sense.
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Men describe the most bizarre dates that they've ever been on.

Weirdest Dates Men Have Ever Been On

Well, these are rough.
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Guy abandons his girlfriend on top of a mountain to watch the football game | AITA abandoning my girlfriend on top mountain know this sounds bad but hear out on this one wasn't even big mountain. Basically l've been going on hikes alone on weekend mornings while my girlfriend eats pancakes. On Sunday went do peak 's easy if vet like but still takes few hours went early so could be back football game at one could not miss this game. So woke up early go and my girlfriend gets up with and is like

Dude Abandons Girlfriend On Top Of Mountain To Watch Football

It was a Jets game.
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boyfriend viral videos cringe relationships cheating dating tiktok - 2130438

TikToker Catches "Cheating" Boyfriend Through WiFi Settings

Got him.
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Woman tells her boyfriend that she'd date his twin.

Woman Tells Boyfriend She'd Date His Twin

Whole lot of yikes in this situation.
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Girlfriend spends little time on boyfriend's gift, so boyfriend gets sad. | AITA being angry about gift my gf gave Not hole So some months ago my girlfriend and had our 1 year anniversary, and course exchanged gift. She hinted she would have loved ring, nothing too crazy, and got her ring addition big frame with 12 picture one picture every month been together (yes know may sound lame lol sort minimalist and don't really have anything need so she asked if there something l'd like said whatever

Girlfriend Spends Minimal Effort On Boyfriend's Gift, Boyfriend Gets Sad

She outed herself for not being considerate.
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Guy goes to sleep and his girlfriend proceeds to have a complete meltdown | r/relationship_advice posted by ThrowRaRedditor My 20F girlfriend blocked 20M on everything because said going sleep early

Guy Goes To Sleep, Girlfriend Has Meltdown

Best take her advice and not contact her again.
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Girl's ex buys himself a gift, gives it to her, and then petty revenge ensues. | r/pettyrevenge Join u/ImOnAnAllCarbDiet 5d 5 1 S 7 8 3 Ex bought himself gift as gift So did same This happened couple Christmases ago but someone told post this story here so Here am. About 4 months before Christmas 2018, my boyfriend at time accidentally spilt drink on his laptop and wrecked thing. He couldn't afford new one and his main source entertainment, so said he could borrow mine since didn't use often.

Ex Buys Himself Gift As Gift To Girlfriend, Petty Revenge Ensues

Dude brought this on himself.
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woman confronts cheating friend and boyfriend

Girl Confronts Friend For Cheating With Her Boyfriend

Full deer in the headlights mode.
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Woman changes diet, gets sleep recording app, and then learns a hard truth | TIFU by downloading sleeping app records noise changing my diet, forgetting check said app and blowing hot balls fire at my boyfriend months M Edit: spelling Sorry formatting am on an iPhone edit: and throwaway 27F) had trouble sleeping at night since child finding out my boyfriend (32M two years also has trouble sleeping at night decided both download an app basically records movement snoring extra noise and level

Girlfriend Changes Diet, Gets Sleep Recording App, Learns Hard Truth

High fiber diets can be dangerous.
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A jobless boyfriend gets kicked out for being a hysterical cry baby around the house | AITA kicking my boyfriend out during pandemic and calling his mom come get him? Not hole 30f) let my bf 'Jesse 39m) come live with and my niece/nephew (who have custody year before this pandemic mess (so he moved around start 2019, but been dating since 2016 own modest 3 bedroom home (left by my mom have pay all utilities/property tax/etc on. No mortgage thank god but everything else pay.

Boyfriend Gets Kicked Out For Raging Around The House

Seems completely called for.
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Boyfriend upset his girlfriend beat him in a steak eating challenge | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/SmallDare1986 17 hours ago AITA embarrassing my boyfriend at restaurant? Ok this is really stupid, and Im pretty sure not asshole, but this happened over year ago, and my boyfriend keeps bringing this up as an example trying undermine him. So, both my boyfriend and love food. Not too uncommon obviously also both pretty athletic runner, so relatively small (around 100 pounds at 5'4 while he's an

Girlfriend Beats Upset Boyfriend in Steak Challenge

Not many relationships face the steak challenge.
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Dad doesn't mention source of underwear, lets daughter start a huge fight | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/Ridivoe 1 day ago 4 &3 D 5e S 2 2 AITA not saying anything about underwear? Asshole My 20 year old daughter and her fiancé are currently staying with us love my daughter but she is very difficult and can't stand her fianc gave them deadline move out because can't take this anymore.

Dad Doesn't Explain Underwear, Sabotages Daughter's Relationship

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Man forces girlfriend to shower every night before going to bed | r/AmltheAsshole Join u/ShoppingAble 1d AITA forcing my girlfriend take shower before bed each night? Asshole know this isn't practice all people or couples, but think is good hygiene. This is even more true during summer people sweat more and have more body oil past she would spend night never said anything, but now are living together and sharing bed each night told her she can't come home and crawl into bed without taking shower

Man Forces Girlfriend To Take Shower Every Night Before Bed

Not cool dude.
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